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100 years ago: Well-known Lawrence dog dies of unknown causes

June 22, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 22, 1913:

  • "'Mack,' the handsome Scotch collie of A. Monroe, died last night at Mr. Monroe's ranch in Wilson county. Miss Monroe took Mack down there with her two weeks ago and reported that the dog was having the time of his life. Last night she phoned that Mack was very sick and that two doctors were doing their best to save his life. At 8 o'clock the dog was dead.... Mack was a full brother to the dog that J. P. Morgan paid $4,400 for and was by odds the handsomest dog ever seen in this city. Mr. Monroe feels very badly about it and he will have the sympathy of every man who loves dogs. Mack was the noblest of his kind and every one in town knew him."
  • "The committee on the fire department reported on the report of the fire chief and recommended the purchase of about $400 worth of new equipment. The committee was given permission to purchase the following: one new horse, one rotary gong, two storage battery lights, and new wheels for the hook and ladder wagon."
  • "The Watkins National Bank passed the million mark in the statement published today. The bank has been climbing steadily for years and its growth has been a matter of much congratulation. A bank is to a town what a pulse is to a patient, it shows what the town is doing. The Watkins statement shows that Lawrence is doing mighty well."
  • "George Rogers, 10 years old, son of Horace Rogers of Eudora, was severely burned with gunpowder last week. The youth located a bottle of powder somewhere about the house and taking it outdoors poured it on a stone and then lighted a match -- usual results of this sort of a combination -- boy gets the worst of it. The little fellow suffered terrible burns about his face and it was feared for a time that his eyesight would be lost but he seems to be able to see as good as ever."


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