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100 years ago: Lawrence elm trees covered with mysterious substance

June 21, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 21, 1913:

  • "Nearly every one has noticed the shining surface of the elm leaves and the dark coating given the sidewalks underneath the trees, while but few have known what was the cause. For perhaps ten days the trees have been covered with honeydew, something which does not seem to be clearly understood by the botanists themselves. One set of botanists claims that the honeydew is an excretion from the leaf caused by the growth of a fungus within the leaf, while others claim it to be the secretion of some forms of aphids which infest the trees at the time. The trees never looked more healthy and each leaf appears to have been coated with honey. The dew is sweet to the taste.... During the day it does not fall from the leaf but at night falls to the ground with the dew. It is an unusual thing for Lawrence."
  • "At 1:30 this afternoon the threshing engine belonging to Bill Miller went through the bridge across the Mud Creek drainage district and completely ruined it. The separator did not go through but the engine made a wreck of the structure. The bridge was built about 18 months ago under the direction of the county engineer. It is a steel structure with a concrete floor and cost about $900. The bridge is ruined but arrangements will be made by tomorrow night to have a temporary bridge. The ruined bridge was 30 feet long and was supposed to have been a good one."
  • "The population of the City of Lawrence is 13,290. The figures which have been compiled by City Enumerator, Frank Walton, show that the population of the city has grown 436 in the last twelve months.... The gain has been very general and evenly divided over the entire city, every ward reporting an increase over the previous year."
  • "It might be well for the people of Lawrence to boil city water for several days. It has been reported as 'bad' and is apparently unfit for domestic use as it comes from the mains. The water is said to be contaminated by sewage."


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