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Kobach considering filing charges against protesters who came to his home

June 17, 2013


— Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said today he is considering filing criminal charges against immigration reform advocates who protested on his home's porch over the weekend. Those who helped organize and participated in the protest said nothing improper happened.

Reports indicated that anywhere from 100 to 300 people participated in the protest at Kobach's home in western Wyandotte County on Saturday. Video of the event showed people standing on Kobach's porch and in the driveway chanting pro-immigration slogans and leaving pairs of shoes that they said represented the shoes of fathers who have been deported because of Kobach's anti-immigration policies.

Kobach, a Republican who has built a national profile pushing tough illegal immigration laws, called the protesters a mob and said they were trying to intimidate him.

Kobach, his wife and their young daughters were not home at the time. "If my daughters had seen 200 people coming up the driveway, it would have been very scary for them," Kobach said.

"We are looking into what charges will be filed," he said. "There are a variety of charges, a number of statutes that apply," he said, mentioning criminal threat, criminal terrorism, and littering.

He said neighbors called police, who arrived and were on the scene when the protesters dispersed.

But Louis Goseland, of Sunflower Community Action, which organized the protest, said the Wichita-based group did nothing illegal. He said police who were there gave no warnings but just wanted to make sure no one was blocking the street.

Goseland said the protesters weren't trying to intimidate Kobach and no angry rhetoric was used. He said they were making a statement in opposition to his policies.

In November, about 50 people rallied outside Kobach's secretary of state office in Topeka. Several tried to meet with Kobach, but Kobach's spokeswoman met them downstairs from his office and told them that Kobach wouldn't meet with them because his schedule was full and he didn't conduct immigration-related business in his state office. Kobach has often said he works on anti-illegal-immigration issues, often for other states, on his own time.

Goseland said Kobach lists his law office address as his home address, so the group decided to protest outside his home.

But Kobach said that didn't give protesters the right to come onto his porch.

In an interview with Fox News today, Kobach said the incident should serve as a reminder of the need for Second Amendment gun rights. But Kobach told the Lawrence Journal-World he was not implying he would have used a gun against the protesters.


Immigration Activists March on Home of Kansas Secy of State, Kris Kobach


Kyle Chandler 5 years ago

If you cant deal with the voices of the Kansas people Krissy maybe its time to resign eh?

I also find it hilarious how openly outspoken and shameless he is in these attempts to manufacture 'charges' against these folks. Way to keep a poker face! LOSER

Phoghorn 5 years ago

Because they brought REALLY good food.

Kyle Chandler 5 years ago

you mean the people making your food and trimming your bushes? Hey look, i think your daughter just married one...... have a nice day

Phoghorn 5 years ago

You are reading way too much into my post there buddy. I happen to enjoy eating the good food in Mexico. I also enjoy keeping these boards lighthearted.

Bike 5 years ago

How can a secretary of state file charges?

Phoghorn 5 years ago

Police can write citations and the protestors can be prosecuted. Just because you are in a position of law enforcement does not mean that the law does not apply to those infringing upon you.

deec 5 years ago

But Kobach cannot file charges because he is not in a prosecutor position.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

Although perhaps he himself can not file the charges, he can ask law enforcement to investigate and determine if charges should be filed. That is happening right now according to a Kansas City News source.
(Hey, LJW, can I post a link to it without violating the TOS?)

This happened in Wyandotte County, and the Wyandotte County authorities can start the process of an investigation.

Ricky_Vaughn 5 years ago

Too bad they didn't bring the pitchforks and torches and finish the job.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you are on, trespassing on private property to stage a political protest is both illegal and unethical. I have my political beliefs, but I would NEVER want a political opponent to have to be faced with a protest on his or her property.

Feel the need to have a peaceful protest against elected officials? Take it to the courthouse square, capitol lawn, etc. You are endowed with the right to freedom of expression. Just keep it in a public area, don't block the sidewalk, and please pick up your trash.

Landon Alger 5 years ago

I think the rationale is that because he listed his home address as his law firm address, that negates the trespassing. For example, if a group were to go to the door of a local law firm in downtown Lawrence, that group would not be trespassing (unless of course, some representative of that law firm told them to vacate the premises). Because no one was home at the Kobach residence, no one told the group to leave, therefore there was no trespass.

I would be shocked if any charges are filed against anyone -- though I suspect Mr. Kobach will change the address on his attorney registration.

George_Braziller 5 years ago

Sorry, you're wrong. Sidewalks are public property so protests happening on the sidewalk in front of a law firm downtown are legal. Doesn't matter if the address is listed.

Anything inside the sidewalk is private property and is indeed trespassing. Same as if protesters crossed the threshold at a downtown office.

I think Kobach is a total moron but the protesters did indeed trespass and he does have the legal right to file trespass charges. If they had stayed on the street or sidewalk he wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

George_Braziller 5 years ago

That's how the Phred cult gets away with the protests. They stay on public right-of-ways like sidewalks and curbs.

ebyrdstarr 5 years ago

This. It isn't trespassing to walk up onto someone's porch to knock on the front door unless there is a "no trespassing" or "no soliciting" sign, Just as the mail carrier, a flower delivery person, or the UPS guy can go to your door, so can a person who opposes your policies and wants to deliver a shoe to you. (The group says they were each delivering a single shoe to Kobach to represent families that had been separated.)

Once Kobach arrived and told them to leave, then it would be trespassing if they didn't leave.

If they threw trash in his yard, I'll give him the littering charges.

Mike1949 5 years ago

The anti-abortion harassment groups don't honor that law, why should anyone else?

littlexav 5 years ago

You have a legal right to walk onto someone's property to ring their doorbell and speak to them. You probably don't have the legal right to protest on their front porch. That being said, it isn't "trespassing" unless you're asked to leave and refuse to do so, or unless there is a "posted: no trespassing" sign.

chootspa 5 years ago

"In an interview with Fox News today, Kobach said the incident should serve as a reminder of the need for Second Amendment gun rights. But Kobach told the Lawrence Journal-World he was not implying he would have used a gun against the protesters."

So is he arguing that the protesters should have had guns?

Currahee 5 years ago

Landon, your logic is like saying if person a did a hit and run but because there were no witnesses a hit and run was not done. I would be intimidated if 200 people showed up at my door. It doesn't matter if they thought they didn't do anything illegal. What a preposterous idea. If they broke the law they broke the law...

Shelley Bock 5 years ago

Was there any notice that going to the door was prohibited? Was there any statement by the owner of the property? Was the property posted or enclosed? Was there a restraining order? Was there any property damage? Bottom line is, the statue of criminal trespass wasn't violated.

I don't like the concept of going to someone's residence. While I am in agreement with the position of the protestors, I disagree with their actions. But, isn't this a tactic of the anti-abortion protestors in Wichita? Kobach has sided with their actions, hasn't he?

K.S.A. 21-3721: Criminal trespass. (a) Criminal trespass is: (1) Entering or remaining upon or in any land... by a person who knows such person is not authorized or privileged to do so, and:

  (A)   Such person enters or remains therein in defiance of an order not to enter or to leave such premises or property personally communicated to such person by the owner thereof or other authorized person; or

  (B)   such premises or property are posted in a manner reasonably likely to come to the attention of intruders, or are locked or fenced or otherwise enclosed, or shut or secured against passage or entry; or

  (C)   such person enters or remains therein in defiance of a restraining order issued... and the restraining order has been personally served upon the person so restrained...

Currahee 5 years ago

Post your address then. I will get 200 people to show up at your porch, leave shoes, and cause a spectacle. It's easy to say X or Y but when it happens to you, it's a different story.

Kyle Chandler 5 years ago

I doubt Hepburn is A PUBLIC OFFICIAL, if our appointed public officials cant deal with the public, move to the private sector. And put a no trespassing sign in your yard DUH.

fiddleback 5 years ago

Yes Currahee, why argue with logic when you can just emote...

mdab1609 5 years ago

The protesters stated that they wanted to "stop the hate."

So how did they try to "stop the hate"? They sent at least 100 chanting protesters armed with bullhorns to a private property where young children live.

Stop the hate? Sounds more like intimidation to me.

Frank A Janzen 5 years ago

One bullhorn is NOT "bullhorns". Also, no one was home.

Liberty275 5 years ago

What were they doing? Trying to change the house's mind?

Currahee 5 years ago

I'm convinced that everyone who says it's not a big deal doesn't own a home.

Cait McKnelly 5 years ago

So how is this any different from Operation Rescue sending protestors to Julie Burkhart's house or to Dr. Tiller's house back in the day?

chootspa 5 years ago

Did Julie Burkhart or Dr. Tiller practice out of their home or list their home address as their office? Did these protesters threaten violence or attempt assassination or murder anyone while they prayed in church?

I'm not thrilled with residential protests. If nothing else, it's totally rude to the other neighbors that don't spend their evenings writing "papers please" legislation. That said, the two protest efforts seem to me to be very very different in nature.

Cait McKnelly 5 years ago

Oh I completely agree Chootspa. The point I was trying to make was that the state did jack squat to protect either Burkhart or Tiller when OR was harrassing them. It was all peachy keen with the state. Heck, Brownback is in bed with OR and Kansans for Life. But let protestors show up at KRIS KOBACH'S house and all bets are off!

Phoghorn 5 years ago


I am not familiar with either case, but if the protestors were on private property, then they should have been told to leave and/or cited by the authorities. If they refused to comply, then they should be arrested. I oppose trespassing for the sake of protesting regardless of which side is doing it.

skinny 5 years ago

Stop the hate? This has nothing to do with hate, it is about obeying the laws of the land. If you are in the United States illegally you will be deported if caught. As you should be!!

oldexbeat 5 years ago

he is a bigoted baby. I would expect tears next -- oh dear -- he writes laws to destroy families and he is worried about his little ones. Oh, my -- and this is his office. Good point. Guess he doesn't really have an office and should be paying the state for the part time use of the state office for his private and paid for anti-immigrant business.

happyrearviewmirror 5 years ago

Kobach's response doesn't speak very well of his respect for first amendment rights( the right to free speech and lawful protest). That he views it instead as a second amendment or guns right issue is extremely telling. Kansas officials( including KU administrators) are continually abusing the criminal injustice system to limit the rights and malign the dignity and equality of KS residents. That isn't how the democratic process is supposed to work.

fiddleback 5 years ago

"There are a variety of charges, a number of statutes that apply," he said, mentioning criminal threat, criminal terrorism, and littering.

Boy, if I only had a nickel for every time I heard "terrorism" and "littering" in the same breath...

Especially on the heels of today's SCOTUS decision, this is perfect unintentional hilarity. On the very day when citizens nationwide are again eyeing Mr. Kobach and his voter fraud witch hunt, wondering if he actually has any real legal judgment or sense of scale/priority, here he is rattling off a list of potential charges ranging from the most monstrous to the most mundane... and I assume this is also what he proposed to do about the neighborhood kids who teepeed his yard?

Bravo, Kris, bravo. I just wish you were paid by a TV network and not our tax dollars.

Lisa Medsker 5 years ago

"...You can get anything you want, at Alice's Restaurant!"

deec 5 years ago

Um...he isn't the local prosecutor or state attorney general or a federal prosecutor, so how is he planning to file charges? Or is that one of them nifty new Kansas laws where anybody can file charges against anybody now?

Phoghorn 5 years ago

No, but we all have to follow the laws. I can't trespass on your property, nor can I trespass on the District Attorney's property, or the Police Chief's property.

Kyle Chandler 5 years ago

AGAIN with the broken records, you MUST post 'No Trespassing' Signs or no law is broken! If the cops come and say to leave and you dont, then you are in trouble. Maybe Krissy should have been smart enough to A. Not use his residence as his office. B. Post No Trespassing signs.....

Phoghorn 5 years ago

Disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct, littering...any other laws to add to the list?

deec 5 years ago

Unless He wants to resign from his lucrative job stirring up xenophobia and also that other taxpayer-funded side job and become the city, county or district prosecutor, he has NO standing to file charges. Prosecutors, district attorneys and such decide whether to file charges.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

I understand that he can not file the charges. But, that does not mean that the protestors should not face some charges and/or prosecution. The Judicial System will have to determine exactly what those charges will be. I am reasonably confident that the authorities have more information about this case than us private citizens.

dabbindan 5 years ago

phoghorn, you miss the point. the secretary of state cannot file charges. he will have to ask the a.g. to do that. but he has spoken as if HE will be the filer of charges. ok?

Phoghorn 5 years ago

A sign is not required for the police to cite people for Unlawful Assembly. This is classified as a Crime Against the Peace under Kansas Statutes and is a Class B, Nonperson Misdemeanor. Had Mr. Kobach been home and ordered them to leave, then they could be charged with Remaining Unlawful Assembly (Class A Nonperson Misdemeanor. Under the above statutes, it appears that the protest was a Class B Nonperson Misdemeanor, regardless of what signs were or were not posted.

deec 5 years ago

So exercising their First Amendment rights is now an unlawful assembly? And since he wasn't home, it is disingenuous to focus on the charges that might have been filed if he'd been there.

And regardless of any potential charges, He has no authority to file them. It's not his job.

jafs 5 years ago

It turns out that balancing first amendment rights against other concerns is difficult in this sort of case, involving political activism.

Certainly it's by no means a slam dunk case of unlawful assembly.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

Hi Jafs, I appreciate your rational comment. My comment with caps below is obviously in reference to deec. I don't like to use caps normally, but sometimes it becomes necessary unfortunately.

I don't always agree with your comments, but I appreciate your reasoned discussions on here.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

I understand that he can not FILE charges per his job, but he can PRESS charges as a private citizen. There is a difference between FILING as the article states and PRESSING as I am advocating. If any citations were to be issued, they would be written by local WYANDOTTE COUNTY Police/Sheriff officers, charges would be filed by the WYANDOTTE COUNTY District Attorney in WYANDOTTE COUNTY District Court, with a WYANDOTTE COUNTY Judge presiding and in the case of a jury trial a WYANDOTTE COUNTY jury pool. The case would be tried at the WYANDOTTE COUNTY Courthouse in KANSAS CITY, Kansas. It would NOT be tried in STATE COURT in TOPEKA, Kansas. Mr. Kobach would have no role in the case other than PRESSING charges as the PLAINTIFF. I don't know how much clearer I can make this.

deec 5 years ago

I don't think he can press charges, either. That would be the job of the police and the court system. Victims don't get to decide if charges will be filed even when, unlike in this case, an actual crime occurred.Your caps are silly considering my whole point which I've made repeatedly is that Kobach cannot file charges. It's not his job. You're very emphatic about your point, but Kobach is the one who made the initial stupid threat to file charges. Expounding on local criminal procedure is irrelevant, since he said he, personally would file charges. I know he can't do that. Apparently, Kobach doesn't.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

You can excercise your 1st Ammendment Rights in an orderly and peaceful manner. You can assemble in large groups in an orderly and peaceful manner. When your group becomes DISORDERLY as this group did (you don't have to use physical violence to be considered disorderly), then it becomes Unlawful Assembly.

Peaceful Assembly = Legal

Disorderly Assembly = Unlawful Assembly (Class B Nonperson Misdemeanor).

Got it?

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

The Police were there. They kept the Protesters out of the street for their own safety. Had there been a disorderly person or crowd, the Law enforcement on the scene would have handled that. All reports indicate this was a peaceful, organized,and Lawful assembly. The Kobachs were not home. There was never a chance of them being threatened. If any thing this is a Property matter. Trespass maybe. Criminal activity including terrorism? Now, That IS crazy.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 5 years ago

Kobach is the worst possible Kansas government "official" that we could have.

But the clueless and ignorant voters of western Kansas elected this political wonk to office.

It amuses me to no end that the Supreme Court has today found the Kobach-style voter registration law in Arizona to be illegal..

I would advocate that his activites in other states in his voter registration and immigration vendeta should qualify him for impeachment due to derelection of duty in his job in Kansas.

dabbindan 5 years ago

impeachment may not be necessary. if he keeps appearing as a bully and is perceived as trying to punish free speech, he well may not get re elected.

Bob Forer 5 years ago

The article is misleading. I didn't see any protesters "standing on his porch." It looks like they went to the porch, deposited some symbolic shoes, and then left. That is not the same as "standing on the porch" and protesting.

mdab1609 5 years ago

Video from the Twitter feed of the National People's Action:

None by NPA

Bob_Keeshan 5 years ago

How did Kobach feel about this April article in the Kansas City Star?

Newman was unapologetic for the tactics, saying that they were legal and that they would continue. But Burkhart and other abortion-rights supporters say they go too far. Burkhart said that she had been stalked and that demeaning fliers containing her picture and address had been distributed in her neighborhood.

Protesters have demonstrated outside Burkhart’s house, and a pastor recently put a sign in her yard depicting an aborted fetus and the words, “Where’s your church?”

“I took it as meaning, ‘We’re going to get a gunman and track you down at your church,’ ” similar to what Roeder did to Tiller, she said.

chootspa 5 years ago

I've already said that I don't approve of the tactic, but calling it "terrorizing" is going too far. They left shoes and shouted in a bullhorn.

wastewatcher 5 years ago

I hope MR Kobach files every charge possible against each and every one of the terrorists. They do not represent Kansas values but represent the ULTRA LIBERAL MINORITY. Chris have them charged and arrested!!!!!!!!

skull 5 years ago

Terrorists...hilarious. Yes arrest Osama bin bullhorn and all the children. Everything left of kobach is the ultra liberal minority.

fiddleback 5 years ago

Who's Chris? Everything in these here parts is spelled with a K...

Kyle Chandler 5 years ago

ALL OF THAT, from a guy with a screen name wastewatcher. HAHAHAHA, thats great....

Maddy Griffin 5 years ago

I want to see him identify just one.He wasn't at home at the time. Don't worry I'll wait.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

The protestors were dumb enough to film themselves.

Public information statement: If you are planning on conducting activity that might get you in legal trouble, it is in your best interest not to film it and post it on the internet.

akt2 5 years ago

If they wanted to be positive they could have found some kids whose fathers had been deported and done something more than worthless protesting. Oh but wait, that would be too real. More self serving to rant and rave in a residential neighborhood. What a waste of time.

NotImpressed 5 years ago

They did. They left the shoes of the fathers who had been deported as part of their protest.

Liberty275 5 years ago

You'd think we would have let them take their shoes back to Mexico when we threw them out.

Full disclosure here - I think the border should be open and both Americans and Mexicans should be allowed to live in either country.

Kyle Chandler 5 years ago

Obviously it wasnt a waste of time because you are here discussing it......hmmmm

SpeedRacer 5 years ago

What a kitty. (That's the term right - kitty?)

thelonious 5 years ago

What goes around, comes around - also known as, you reap what you sow!

Radar Callaway 5 years ago

Just how is the gun rights involved with the people on his porch? Is anyone even upset about its mention by Kobach? Supposedly, he says, he is not implying he would have used a gun, so why is it mentioned at all? Obviously, he does not like people from other countries. So is he now going after people for not agreeing with his politics? My parents, my grandparents, my great grandparents, etc. were all born in the country. Is my blood going to be on his hands for disagreeing with him? You think you are safe because you are legally in this country and not subjected to his views? I am very concerned about this. I obviously did not do enough to keep him from getting elected, just as it happened in Germany. Many people loved Hitler for having similar views, only it was supposed to be about the Jews, then it was the Poles, Russians, French, British, etc. This does not bode well for any Americans of any viewpoints.

rosierosess 5 years ago

Kris, the "monsters under the bed" you've been looking for are now on your lawn. I think I know your true motivation now: it's fear. You're afraid of people actually showing up where you live (when you weren't even at home! O, the horror!), calling you out on your anti-immigration actions, exposing you for the hypocrite you are. So now you're saber-rattling, saying you'll press charges, invoking the second amendment, then back pedalling all the way with "...he was not implying he would have used a gun." You're a real piece of work, Kris. I hear you lost at the SCOTUS today, too. Rough week, huh? Better start counting the days until the next election. I predict more failure for you.

Kyle Chandler 5 years ago

That would of been intelligent, ever think that maybe one of those protestors NOT in his yard but on the sidewalk or street with a concealed carry would NOT of returned fire??? fan of the freestate? tell me more....

NotImpressed 5 years ago

This pansy Kobach just needs to buck up or get out. When you hold public office, expect people to make their voices heard, especially when you wage war on them. Calling them names and denigrating them really makes him look like a child.

ThePilgrim 5 years ago

Definitely illegal. As a protester you cannot come on the property, you must stay on the street or side walk, and keep moving (like walk back and forth). You can't come on a person's property or his driveway or porch. This is no different than the abortion protesters in Wichita who put lawn chairs on Dr. Tiller's lawn and and staked crosses into the lawn.

NotImpressed 5 years ago

His "home" is also listed as his office.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

That is a moot point. Your business is still private property. Let's say someone wanted to protest Victoria's Secret. They could stand in a public right of way near the store and they would be legal. But if they entered the store or property owned by the store, than the owners could ask them to leave.

Additionally, his house is his house, regardless of whether he runs his business there.

Kyle Chandler 5 years ago

You must POST a SIGN!! Why is this so difficult for you to absorb?!

Phoghorn 5 years ago

If you can discuss an issue without suggesting that I have cognitive disabilities, then I will gladly debate with you.

Even if no laws related to trespassing were broken, how about disturbing the peace, disorderly conduct and littering? Additionally, protesting on someone's private property, is not exactly ethical.

Whether or not this protest rises to the level of Criminal Trespass may end up being determined by a judge. Specifically, the judge would have to determine whether or not the group knew they were forbidden from entering. Previous cases would likely be used as a guide.

NotImpressed 5 years ago

His "home" is also listed as his office (it's in the article)

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

It is legal to list your Business address as your home address(as long as the area is zoned properly). You even get a nice TAX deduction for it. Well, Kris? Is that tax deduction worth it? You brought all of this on yourself. You can dish it out but you can't take it. Figures.Surprised you didn't bring charges against the High school Girl who tweeted about Brownback(#heblowsalot).

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

krisblowsalot. Don't for get the Hash tag.

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

Wow. how did the letters get so big?

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

If you put a hash tag in front, it really enlarges all the letters. Never knew THAT before. Cool!

Phoghorn 5 years ago

But did you ever doubt it? :-)

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

Hard to doubt what I never knew ;-)

Liberty275 5 years ago

I had to throw 4 census workers off my property before they figured out "2" was the only information they were getting out of us. Maybe next census, I'll just put up signs.

Kyle Chandler 5 years ago

^^^Hey Kris! You should hire this guy to manage your 'law firm' he actually knows how to put a sign up (applause) ^^^^

smileydog 5 years ago

Since Obama has collected over 130 million faces from his citizens, our secret police should be able to use facial recognition software to determine who is legal and who is an illegal alien protesting on Kobach's property. Oh, I guess Kobach belongs to the wrong party. Too bad he's not a democrat.

seebarginn 5 years ago

Anything that makes Kobach upset and uncomfortable is good for Kansas, for the US, and for all human beings with working brains and hearts.

rtwngr 5 years ago

Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you identify with, protesting at someone's home is beyond despicable. It is intimidation. I don't care what office I held or what job I had, if you showed up at my private residence to protest, crossed over onto my private property, I'm going to jail for something. The least charge will probably be assault with intent to do bodily harm. I'm thinking I could probably have to wait at least 5, maybe 10 years to even be eligible for parole.

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

Good for you. The Privately Owned Corrections Industry has a bed, 3 square meals a day and Healthcare waiting for you. You did not need the right to vote anyway, did you? And you will never be allowed to own a gun legally again. Sounds like it is all worth it to me. What do ya say?

Kyle Chandler 5 years ago

Just post your address and we can expedite your wishes

Liberty275 5 years ago

This is pretty simple. If you are on private property and the owner asks you to leave, you leave. If their is a "no trespass" sign, you don't enter to begin with. Without the sign, Kobach has no case other than littering. He should just ignore them and put up a "no trespassing"sign.

Of course, being in Lawrence we are entertained by the choir singing "____ did it, so it's OK if we do it". Sure, it's OK if you do it, but it's OK because Kobach didn't have a no trespass sign up, not because anti-abortion protesters use the same tactic. Some of you are like five year old kids using whatever excuse pops into your head first..

As for appropriate, anything legal is appropriate.

Kontum1972 5 years ago

mudda ...pudda!

get over it...!

Phoghorn 5 years ago

Hello mudda, hello padda. I am standing on someone's lawnna.

dabbindan 5 years ago

you know it's the 50th anniversary year of alan sherman's delightful novelty song. thought you all should know. and if you don't know, you can wonder or you can google.

jhawkinsf 5 years ago

If Fred Phelps think his tactics are causing people to come around to his way of thinking, he's wrong.

If Operation Rescue thinks their tactics will cause people to come around to their way of thinking, they're wrong.

If these protesters think these tactics will cause people to come around to their way of thinking, they're wrong.

Their tactics, one and all, are wrong.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

Well said. If you want your neighbors to like your new dog, then don't let him do his business on their lawn.

James Nelson 5 years ago

Kobach will never stop trying to intimidate the poor and middle class. And why did he have to inject thoughts about guns? Video accounts reflect his "visitors" were very peaceful and left fairly quickly having done no harm or damage to his house. It would seem to me that in America ANYONE may pay a visit to anyone else whenever they wish. Is he really that paranoid?

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

I don't think he is paranoid. I think he is afraid because the Reality of what he has done and how it affects people is being realized. It is now up to Kris. How he responds to this will decide if the protests cease or if they get Larger and more frequent. What do you say to your constituents, Kris?

Robert Greenwood 5 years ago

When I read several articles and viewed the video I thought of the first amendment to the US Constitution while Kris thought of the second amendment. IF I were a young child the loud voice might scare me, but as an adult protesters who are peaceful do not scare me. I noticed some children in the protest group. I did not hear anything scary said. Did hear the word "love" mentioned.

There are numerous people who come to my residence, my porch, my drive, and they are not trespassing. Had Kris been home and ask the group to leave and any who insisted upon staying on his property would be trespassing in my view. However, they were not ask to leave by Kris and they left voluntarily.

I did not notice anyone standing on his porch. Surely Kris has gone on the porch of others from time to time. No harm in that.

I did notice the shoes being left and it was mentioned they were the shoes of those deported and to remind Kris of families apart. I do have a problem with littering. I have very strong feelings against those who litter, but I did not see anyone litter on the street or sidewalk. I do not consider leaving those shoes on the porch as littering. I think Kris is stretching that a bit.

If a violation of law were obvious Kris would not have to look for one violated. Kris has not done well in court lately. Kris seems to want to prosecute people.

Thinking of that second amendment Kris, try not to shoot yourself in the foot. You somehow associate this event with the second amendment and a gun for protection. That scares me.

Richard Heckler 5 years ago

Perhaps Kobach should be investigated as a FRAUD. For setting his own agenda instead of one in the best interest of Kansas.

How does Kobach bill his travel expenses as he has designated himself Mr. Right Wing Supreme to represent the nation?

Where does his money come from?

Maddy Griffin 5 years ago

How could he possibly file charges? He wasn't at home at the time, so he didn't see who was there. More tough talk from the idiot right.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

There is video on the internet. I'll betcha that might be admissible in court. We have been discussing ad nauseum about whether the protest would constitute Criminal Trespass (Class B Misdemeanor), but it would almost certainly constitute Disorderly Conduct (Class C Misdemeanor) and Criminal Littering (Unclassifiable Misdemeanor).

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

I have seen the video several times and I am still looking for the activity you describe as disorderly conduct. By that definition, a walk to your car after a NASCAR Race or other Sporting event is Disorderly conduct.

verity 5 years ago

Come on, people. Mr Kobach is delighted that this happened. Gives him more publicity. Gives him another chance to appeal to the basest instincts by bringing up guns which seem to have no relationship to anything here. Too bad he wasn't home so he could have escalated it into something more newsworthy and defended his territory.

How many talk shows did it get him on?

Thomas Bryce Jr. 5 years ago

Absolutely right. He will Play the Victim to his base and they will eat it up.

hedshrinker 5 years ago

apart from the legalities and politics of various stripes in this incident, I want to raise the issue of some commenters here (Phoghorn and Liberty) who say provocative, borderline bullying, racist things design to bait and inflame the listener/reader and then when someone calls them out, they act all innocent "Oh, I was just trying to keep it light; I was just trying to make a joke,etc" That is dirty pool and brazenly disingenuous. You can't have it both ways, ie I'm a nice guy vs I'm a hateful jerk.

verity 5 years ago

Some people aren't happy unless they're stirring up trouble and starting a fight---not mentioning any names. They get their jollies by upsetting people. They feel like they're in control if they can get someone angry or upset. I wonder sometimes if they even believe what they say, or perhaps they don't think at all. They just say stuff. It's best just to ignore them---that takes away their reward.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

You have described the protestors perfectly. Had they staged their protest in a public area, I would have no beef with them.

Phoghorn 5 years ago

Wait...I like Mexican food...that makes me anti-American, not racist :-)

hedshrinker 5 years ago

Oh, and the audacity of Kobach talking about 2nd amendment rights ...thinly veiled threat, reminds me of that Utah woman who ran for Congress last cycle who kept threatening "2nd Amendment solutions"...he's really a piece of work.

Topple 5 years ago

Criminal terrorism....Kobach needs to get a clue. Worthless politician with no grip on reality.

Kobach, you spit on every victim of 9/11, the Boston Marathon, our entire military, and all the real terrorism victims around the world by even mentioning criminal terrorism charges for people who didn't even break any laws beyond "littering." You disgust me.

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