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Kobach considering filing charges against protesters who came to his home

June 17, 2013


— Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said today he is considering filing criminal charges against immigration reform advocates who protested on his home's porch over the weekend. Those who helped organize and participated in the protest said nothing improper happened.

Reports indicated that anywhere from 100 to 300 people participated in the protest at Kobach's home in western Wyandotte County on Saturday. Video of the event showed people standing on Kobach's porch and in the driveway chanting pro-immigration slogans and leaving pairs of shoes that they said represented the shoes of fathers who have been deported because of Kobach's anti-immigration policies.

Kobach, a Republican who has built a national profile pushing tough illegal immigration laws, called the protesters a mob and said they were trying to intimidate him.

Kobach, his wife and their young daughters were not home at the time. "If my daughters had seen 200 people coming up the driveway, it would have been very scary for them," Kobach said.

"We are looking into what charges will be filed," he said. "There are a variety of charges, a number of statutes that apply," he said, mentioning criminal threat, criminal terrorism, and littering.

He said neighbors called police, who arrived and were on the scene when the protesters dispersed.

But Louis Goseland, of Sunflower Community Action, which organized the protest, said the Wichita-based group did nothing illegal. He said police who were there gave no warnings but just wanted to make sure no one was blocking the street.

Goseland said the protesters weren't trying to intimidate Kobach and no angry rhetoric was used. He said they were making a statement in opposition to his policies.

In November, about 50 people rallied outside Kobach's secretary of state office in Topeka. Several tried to meet with Kobach, but Kobach's spokeswoman met them downstairs from his office and told them that Kobach wouldn't meet with them because his schedule was full and he didn't conduct immigration-related business in his state office. Kobach has often said he works on anti-illegal-immigration issues, often for other states, on his own time.

Goseland said Kobach lists his law office address as his home address, so the group decided to protest outside his home.

But Kobach said that didn't give protesters the right to come onto his porch.

In an interview with Fox News today, Kobach said the incident should serve as a reminder of the need for Second Amendment gun rights. But Kobach told the Lawrence Journal-World he was not implying he would have used a gun against the protesters.


Immigration Activists March on Home of Kansas Secy of State, Kris Kobach


kansas_cynic 10 months ago

Before Kobach could file any charges, wouldn't he need to hire a competent lawyer?


Topple 10 months ago

Criminal terrorism....Kobach needs to get a clue. Worthless politician with no grip on reality.

Kobach, you spit on every victim of 9/11, the Boston Marathon, our entire military, and all the real terrorism victims around the world by even mentioning criminal terrorism charges for people who didn't even break any laws beyond "littering." You disgust me.


hedshrinker 10 months ago

Oh, and the audacity of Kobach talking about 2nd amendment rights ...thinly veiled threat, reminds me of that Utah woman who ran for Congress last cycle who kept threatening "2nd Amendment solutions"...he's really a piece of work.


hedshrinker 10 months ago

apart from the legalities and politics of various stripes in this incident, I want to raise the issue of some commenters here (Phoghorn and Liberty) who say provocative, borderline bullying, racist things design to bait and inflame the listener/reader and then when someone calls them out, they act all innocent "Oh, I was just trying to keep it light; I was just trying to make a joke,etc" That is dirty pool and brazenly disingenuous. You can't have it both ways, ie I'm a nice guy vs I'm a hateful jerk.


verity 10 months ago

Come on, people. Mr Kobach is delighted that this happened. Gives him more publicity. Gives him another chance to appeal to the basest instincts by bringing up guns which seem to have no relationship to anything here. Too bad he wasn't home so he could have escalated it into something more newsworthy and defended his territory.

How many talk shows did it get him on?


grammaddy 10 months ago

How could he possibly file charges? He wasn't at home at the time, so he didn't see who was there. More tough talk from the idiot right.


Richard Heckler 10 months ago

Perhaps Kobach should be investigated as a FRAUD. For setting his own agenda instead of one in the best interest of Kansas.

How does Kobach bill his travel expenses as he has designated himself Mr. Right Wing Supreme to represent the nation?

Where does his money come from?


1Dem 10 months ago

When I read several articles and viewed the video I thought of the first amendment to the US Constitution while Kris thought of the second amendment. IF I were a young child the loud voice might scare me, but as an adult protesters who are peaceful do not scare me. I noticed some children in the protest group. I did not hear anything scary said. Did hear the word "love" mentioned.

There are numerous people who come to my residence, my porch, my drive, and they are not trespassing. Had Kris been home and ask the group to leave and any who insisted upon staying on his property would be trespassing in my view. However, they were not ask to leave by Kris and they left voluntarily.

I did not notice anyone standing on his porch. Surely Kris has gone on the porch of others from time to time. No harm in that.

I did notice the shoes being left and it was mentioned they were the shoes of those deported and to remind Kris of families apart. I do have a problem with littering. I have very strong feelings against those who litter, but I did not see anyone litter on the street or sidewalk. I do not consider leaving those shoes on the porch as littering. I think Kris is stretching that a bit.

If a violation of law were obvious Kris would not have to look for one violated. Kris has not done well in court lately. Kris seems to want to prosecute people.

Thinking of that second amendment Kris, try not to shoot yourself in the foot. You somehow associate this event with the second amendment and a gun for protection. That scares me.


James Nelson 10 months ago

Kobach will never stop trying to intimidate the poor and middle class. And why did he have to inject thoughts about guns? Video accounts reflect his "visitors" were very peaceful and left fairly quickly having done no harm or damage to his house. It would seem to me that in America ANYONE may pay a visit to anyone else whenever they wish. Is he really that paranoid?


jhawkinsf 10 months ago

If Fred Phelps think his tactics are causing people to come around to his way of thinking, he's wrong.

If Operation Rescue thinks their tactics will cause people to come around to their way of thinking, they're wrong.

If these protesters think these tactics will cause people to come around to their way of thinking, they're wrong.

Their tactics, one and all, are wrong.


Kontum1972 10 months ago

mudda ...pudda!

get over it...!


Liberty275 10 months ago

This is pretty simple. If you are on private property and the owner asks you to leave, you leave. If their is a "no trespass" sign, you don't enter to begin with. Without the sign, Kobach has no case other than littering. He should just ignore them and put up a "no trespassing"sign.

Of course, being in Lawrence we are entertained by the choir singing "____ did it, so it's OK if we do it". Sure, it's OK if you do it, but it's OK because Kobach didn't have a no trespass sign up, not because anti-abortion protesters use the same tactic. Some of you are like five year old kids using whatever excuse pops into your head first..

As for appropriate, anything legal is appropriate.


rtwngr 10 months ago

Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you identify with, protesting at someone's home is beyond despicable. It is intimidation. I don't care what office I held or what job I had, if you showed up at my private residence to protest, crossed over onto my private property, I'm going to jail for something. The least charge will probably be assault with intent to do bodily harm. I'm thinking I could probably have to wait at least 5, maybe 10 years to even be eligible for parole.


seebarginn 10 months ago

Anything that makes Kobach upset and uncomfortable is good for Kansas, for the US, and for all human beings with working brains and hearts.


smileydog 10 months ago

Since Obama has collected over 130 million faces from his citizens, our secret police should be able to use facial recognition software to determine who is legal and who is an illegal alien protesting on Kobach's property. Oh, I guess Kobach belongs to the wrong party. Too bad he's not a democrat.


boiled 10 months ago

Simple solution:

A posted "No Trespassing" sign stating "Violators will be prosecuted".

I have one prominently displayed at end of drive just above the ADT home security sign. There are other, let's just say, lines of defenses to back that up. When Obama's IRS/Obamacare goons start coming around, I'll simply state "Did you not see the sign now leave", and leave it up to them how they want to proceed

Please prosecute them Mr. Kobach. You're a stand-up guy and deserve more respect than that.


MacHeath 10 months ago

The protestors are better men then Kobach. Bald-face lying is not in and of itself, a crime. Kobach has done a lot of that just to help out his cronies. Fortunately for Kobach, there is no shortage of paranoid fools he can use to expand his influence.


ThePilgrim 10 months ago

Definitely illegal. As a protester you cannot come on the property, you must stay on the street or side walk, and keep moving (like walk back and forth). You can't come on a person's property or his driveway or porch. This is no different than the abortion protesters in Wichita who put lawn chairs on Dr. Tiller's lawn and and staked crosses into the lawn.


NotImpressed 10 months ago

This pansy Kobach just needs to buck up or get out. When you hold public office, expect people to make their voices heard, especially when you wage war on them. Calling them names and denigrating them really makes him look like a child.


deadpool 10 months ago

It seems to me you're the one who doesn't like this country right now so, ahem, here's the door!


Robert Burnham 10 months ago


About as stupid as you idiots voting in a amateur, socialist idiot as president....this dude doesn't know what's going on ....if it wasn't for all these rich White liberals pulling his strings, he wouldn't even be in office...what a joke...Look what he has done to this country....yea, plenty of change...for the worse!


Robert Burnham 10 months ago

Stupid!, the whole pretense that this form of privacy intrusion is necessary for the public safety is laughable. We have 11 million people living in the United States who are here illegally and the government doesn't even want to acknowledge a problem with them. We take away from our police and TSA inspectors the tool of profiling because it 'intrudes' on people's rights. Yet the government feels free to spy on our own citizens because they hold a different philosophy than those in power. The really sad thing isn't that our current regime can't be trusted, it's that so many people still trust them."

All you dilrods who think this immigration deal is such as good think, cross the border into Mexico and see what happens....

And like I say all the time, If you don't like this state or country, get the F OUT!


Robert Burnham 10 months ago

Mr. Kobach, you're better man than I am, I would have shot some illegal trespassers....


rosierosess 10 months ago

Kris, the "monsters under the bed" you've been looking for are now on your lawn. I think I know your true motivation now: it's fear. You're afraid of people actually showing up where you live (when you weren't even at home! O, the horror!), calling you out on your anti-immigration actions, exposing you for the hypocrite you are. So now you're saber-rattling, saying you'll press charges, invoking the second amendment, then back pedalling all the way with "...he was not implying he would have used a gun." You're a real piece of work, Kris. I hear you lost at the SCOTUS today, too. Rough week, huh? Better start counting the days until the next election. I predict more failure for you.


RadarC 10 months ago

Just how is the gun rights involved with the people on his porch? Is anyone even upset about its mention by Kobach? Supposedly, he says, he is not implying he would have used a gun, so why is it mentioned at all? Obviously, he does not like people from other countries. So is he now going after people for not agreeing with his politics? My parents, my grandparents, my great grandparents, etc. were all born in the country. Is my blood going to be on his hands for disagreeing with him? You think you are safe because you are legally in this country and not subjected to his views? I am very concerned about this. I obviously did not do enough to keep him from getting elected, just as it happened in Germany. Many people loved Hitler for having similar views, only it was supposed to be about the Jews, then it was the Poles, Russians, French, British, etc. This does not bode well for any Americans of any viewpoints.


deadpool 10 months ago

Why would they protest Kojak? Telly Savalas was awesome!


thelonious 10 months ago

What goes around, comes around - also known as, you reap what you sow!


SpeedRacer 10 months ago

What a kitty. (That's the term right - kitty?)


akt2 10 months ago

If they wanted to be positive they could have found some kids whose fathers had been deported and done something more than worthless protesting. Oh but wait, that would be too real. More self serving to rant and rave in a residential neighborhood. What a waste of time.


wastewatcher 10 months ago

I hope MR Kobach files every charge possible against each and every one of the terrorists. They do not represent Kansas values but represent the ULTRA LIBERAL MINORITY. Chris have them charged and arrested!!!!!!!!


lunatic 10 months ago

Regardless of your politics, it is uncalled for to have hundreds of people terrorize a duly elected official and his or her spouse and children. They should be / should have been arrested. It is troubling that some clueless bloggers here think this sort of action is justified.


Bob_Keeshan 10 months ago

How did Kobach feel about this April article in the Kansas City Star?

Newman was unapologetic for the tactics, saying that they were legal and that they would continue. But Burkhart and other abortion-rights supporters say they go too far. Burkhart said that she had been stalked and that demeaning fliers containing her picture and address had been distributed in her neighborhood.

Protesters have demonstrated outside Burkhart’s house, and a pastor recently put a sign in her yard depicting an aborted fetus and the words, “Where’s your church?”

“I took it as meaning, ‘We’re going to get a gunman and track you down at your church,’ ” similar to what Roeder did to Tiller, she said.


Bob Forer 10 months ago

The article is misleading. I didn't see any protesters "standing on his porch." It looks like they went to the porch, deposited some symbolic shoes, and then left. That is not the same as "standing on the porch" and protesting.


Fred Whitehead Jr. 10 months ago

Kobach is the worst possible Kansas government "official" that we could have.

But the clueless and ignorant voters of western Kansas elected this political wonk to office.

It amuses me to no end that the Supreme Court has today found the Kobach-style voter registration law in Arizona to be illegal..

I would advocate that his activites in other states in his voter registration and immigration vendeta should qualify him for impeachment due to derelection of duty in his job in Kansas.


jane_doe 10 months ago

Way to impress folks and win popular opinion....sue folks that don't like you.


deec 10 months ago

Um...he isn't the local prosecutor or state attorney general or a federal prosecutor, so how is he planning to file charges? Or is that one of them nifty new Kansas laws where anybody can file charges against anybody now?


fiddleback 10 months ago

"There are a variety of charges, a number of statutes that apply," he said, mentioning criminal threat, criminal terrorism, and littering.

Boy, if I only had a nickel for every time I heard "terrorism" and "littering" in the same breath...

Especially on the heels of today's SCOTUS decision, this is perfect unintentional hilarity. On the very day when citizens nationwide are again eyeing Mr. Kobach and his voter fraud witch hunt, wondering if he actually has any real legal judgment or sense of scale/priority, here he is rattling off a list of potential charges ranging from the most monstrous to the most mundane... and I assume this is also what he proposed to do about the neighborhood kids who teepeed his yard?

Bravo, Kris, bravo. I just wish you were paid by a TV network and not our tax dollars.


happyrearviewmirror 10 months ago

Kobach's response doesn't speak very well of his respect for first amendment rights( the right to free speech and lawful protest). That he views it instead as a second amendment or guns right issue is extremely telling. Kansas officials( including KU administrators) are continually abusing the criminal injustice system to limit the rights and malign the dignity and equality of KS residents. That isn't how the democratic process is supposed to work.


oldexbeat 10 months ago

he is a bigoted baby. I would expect tears next -- oh dear -- he writes laws to destroy families and he is worried about his little ones. Oh, my -- and this is his office. Good point. Guess he doesn't really have an office and should be paying the state for the part time use of the state office for his private and paid for anti-immigrant business.


skinny 10 months ago

Stop the hate? This has nothing to do with hate, it is about obeying the laws of the land. If you are in the United States illegally you will be deported if caught. As you should be!!


Cait McKnelly 10 months ago

So how is this any different from Operation Rescue sending protestors to Julie Burkhart's house or to Dr. Tiller's house back in the day?


mdab1609 10 months ago

The protesters stated that they wanted to "stop the hate."

So how did they try to "stop the hate"? They sent at least 100 chanting protesters armed with bullhorns to a private property where young children live.

Stop the hate? Sounds more like intimidation to me.


Currahee 10 months ago

Landon, your logic is like saying if person a did a hit and run but because there were no witnesses a hit and run was not done. I would be intimidated if 200 people showed up at my door. It doesn't matter if they thought they didn't do anything illegal. What a preposterous idea. If they broke the law they broke the law...


chootspa 10 months ago

"In an interview with Fox News today, Kobach said the incident should serve as a reminder of the need for Second Amendment gun rights. But Kobach told the Lawrence Journal-World he was not implying he would have used a gun against the protesters."

So is he arguing that the protesters should have had guns?


BABBOY 10 months ago

Pretty funny stuff.

Kansas is one sorry place.

Just embarrassing all around.

Protesters should not have gone up on his stupid porch.

But, he should not be threatening them with the second amendment or with littering charges either.....


Phoghorn 10 months ago

Regardless of what side of the political spectrum you are on, trespassing on private property to stage a political protest is both illegal and unethical. I have my political beliefs, but I would NEVER want a political opponent to have to be faced with a protest on his or her property.

Feel the need to have a peaceful protest against elected officials? Take it to the courthouse square, capitol lawn, etc. You are endowed with the right to freedom of expression. Just keep it in a public area, don't block the sidewalk, and please pick up your trash.


Kyle Chandler 10 months ago

If you cant deal with the voices of the Kansas people Krissy maybe its time to resign eh?

I also find it hilarious how openly outspoken and shameless he is in these attempts to manufacture 'charges' against these folks. Way to keep a poker face! LOSER


none2 10 months ago

Where is Phred when you truly need him?


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