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100 years ago: Visiting nurse sets up shop in Lawrence

June 17, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 17, 1913:

  • "Lawrence has a visiting nurse. Miss Dorcas M. Adams began her work in Lawrence this morning and has an office in the Social Service Hall at the corner of Pinckney [Sixth] and Vermont streets.... She will maintain an office and supply closet at the Social Service League and this office is to be provided with telephones so that she can be easily reached.... Miss Adams will devote much of her time to the care of tuberculosis cases and to the care of children, but her work will not be limited to this. She is to respond to all calls for aid from all cases of sickness. Miss Adams will go to the poorer homes of the city where poverty deprives the sick of proper care and will look after these people. She will answer all other calls and will receive pay for her services where the families can afford to pay.... Miss Adams is a graduate from the nursing course at the Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is very accomplished along this line of work. She has a very pleasing disposition and appearance and Lawrence people are pleased with her and are expecting to see her accomplish much good in Lawrence."
  • "The Smith-Bowersock damage case is now occupying the attention of the district court. The case opened this morning about 11 o'clock and was still in progress late this afternoon. The case has been on the docket for some time. Mr. Smith, who was working for Mr. Bowersock about a year ago, was killed while working around some machinery and his wife has brought suit against Mr. Bowersock for damages amounting to $10,000. The case will probably be finished this evening."
  • "An accident which miraculously escaped being very serious happened Saturday morning at 9 o'clock at the Rule home, 1046 Kentucky street. Mrs. Rule, who has been troubled for some time with a weak ankle, was just coming down the back stairs at her home when her ankle gave way and she fell the entire length of the stairs. The stairs are steep and long, there being about 25 steps in all. Mrs. Rule fell on her shoulder and it is contributed to this that she was not injured more severely. As it was she sustained two fractured ribs and a bruised face and shoulder. Her husband, who is a traveling man, was located at Kansas City and came immediately to Lawrence. At present Mrs. Rule is doing nicely."


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