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100 years ago: Baseball game, hot-air balloon, concert, fireworks all planned for Glorious Fourth

June 15, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 15, 1913:

"If the good people of Lawrence and the country for miles around do not have a fine time on the Fourth of July it will be because they do not go to Woodland Park. The Annual Merchants Association Picnic and Celebration combined promises to give the greatest Fourth of July celebration that Lawrence has ever had.... This is going to be a time when a man and his family can have a big day of enjoyment without spending a cent. The farmers who come to town on the Fourth will see everything free of charge excepting the regular league ball game in the afternoon. For the regular game there will be a charge, but there will be one good game free when Vinland and Pleasant Grove cross bats at 4 o'clock.... The program for the day will be opened with a band concert at 10 o'clock. At 11 H. J. Waters, the president of the State Agricultural college, and one of the most popular men in the state will give an address. The speaking will be followed by a big basket dinner for which free coffee will be served by the Merchants Association. In the afternoon there will be all sorts of amusements. There will be two horse races, a balloon ascension in which the balloonist will have to get his gas bag at least 500 feet in the air in order to earn his money, two baseball games, all sorts of old fashioned sports including contests for the women as well as men, a greased pig and greased pole, more than any one person could possibly see and something to interest everyone all of the time. At night there will be an illuminated automobile parade on the race track to be followed by a lot of handsome set pieces making one of the finest displays of fireworks that Lawrence has ever known. The band will give concerts in the morning and afternoon and in the evening will furnish music for a dance to be given in the pavilion. The invitation is open for all and it is hoped that the farmers will come for twenty-five miles around."


Stephanie Hull 5 years ago

I love hearing about life 100 years ago. It would be great to see pictures of folks enjoying the 4th festivities.

Sarah St. John 5 years ago

I wish that, too! The recent (in 1913) picnic that was only for people 75 years old and up had a photographer who took a group photo -- when I read that, I couldn't help wondering if some family somewhere still has a copy of that!

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