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40 years ago: Lawrence speller stumbles in eighth round of national Bee

June 14, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 14, 1973:

  • Alison Gold of Lawrence, the first Douglas County student ever to take part in the National Spelling Bee, came to grief in the eighth round this morning by spelling a plural form of a word instead of the singular form. Alison, the 1973 Kansas bee champ, had been asked to spell "chromosome," a word that she knew. However, in the example sentence, the judges used the plural form, and although they then stated that Alison was to spell the singular, she got confused and "switched it in her mind and spelled the plural," her father Joel Gold said this morning. Fortunately Alison, being only 11 years old, was still eligible to participate in the competition for another two years.
  • In his ongoing battle with the inflation-plagued economy, President Nixon this week announced a freeze of all consumer prices for 60 days. Wages were not frozen in this "surprise shock treatment," an article said today; nor were rents, interests and dividends, or agricultural products at the farm level. However, all other prices for goods and services could not exceed their June 1-8 levels for the next two months. Bankers and economics experts in the Lawrence area expressed a range of opinions today on the freeze, with some being supportive and other skeptical.


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