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100 years ago: Lawrence couple celebrates golden anniversary

June 10, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 10, 1913:

  • "On June 10, 1863, Miss Mary Spicer and John H. Spencer were married in a little home at Kenosha, Wisconsin; today Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Spencer are celebrating the fiftieth anniversary of that day at their home in Lawrence, 1100 Connecticut street. It was a quiet simple wedding fifty years ago, and the observances of today were of the same nature. These two young people were happy on that day so many years ago but the lapse of time has not marred this happiness; today as they greet their many friends there is the same light of joy in their eyes.... Fifty years ago Mrs. Spencer was a happy charming young girl of only twenty years. How the young soldier must have felt as he stood beside his happy young bride on that day. And the bride of today has lost none of that charm, it has been increased only, by the passing of years.... Captain Spencer was 31 years old on that day, he had seen service in the army, and was on sick leave at the time of his wedding. Army life has left a mark upon him, but his cheerful disposition, his venerable appearance all bespeak his happiness of the home which his bride has made for him.... Captain and Mrs. Spencer were wedded during the troublesome times of the Civil War. Soon after their marriage Mr. Spencer re-entered the service and his bride went with him to Washington, where she stayed with the army for two years, ministering to the wants and needs of the soldiers. Then after the war the young couple returned to the Wisconsin home but later they moved to Iowa.... In 1879 they joined a party coming to Kansas and after a long trip in a prairie schooner they arrived in Lawrence and they have been here since."
  • "Kansas University men at Ness City have discovered a fungus growth which is killing off the grasshoppers in that locality. This report was received yesterday by S. J. Hunter, state entomologist, from the four men he has in the field. A shipment of weeds on which were clusters of dead grasshoppers is now at the university where the fungus is being studied to see if it is possible to distribute it.... 'These grasshoppers are not the migratory locusts, absent from this territory now more than thirty years,' Professor Hunter said today, 'but a local species which live, breed, and die on the farmer's ranch.'"
  • "The city council last night voted a sum of $100 for the summer to be given the First Regimental Band to aid in the defraying of expenses. In return the council asks that the band play one concert a week alternating between the two parks.... The musicians seem to think this a small gift but it is understood that they will accept it and begin the concerts in the near future, perhaps on Friday night of this week."


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