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100 years ago: Many KU students sad to leave Lawrence

June 7, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 7, 1913:

  • "These are 'Good-bye' days in Lawrence. At all hours of the day students, girls and boys, suitcase in hand, are seen hurrying toward the depot, hurrying toward home. Some of them are gone for the summer only, some of them will never return. For some it is a day of rejoicing and to others it brings sadness. Friendships of the past year, or the past two or three years, are being broken, at least temporarily. Memories of good times of the year linger in their minds as they hurry to make their train; they are seemingly in haste, but perhaps they are not nearly so anxious to leave Lawrence."
  • "Some speaker of national prominence is to be brought to Lawrence on August 21 to deliver the address as the Quantrell Raid Memorial which is to be held here on the date of the fiftieth anniversary of that day. Last night at a session of the committee of seventeen it was agreed that such a person should be invited to make the principal address of the day. No one has as yet been mentioned but the committee hopes to complete this detail of the program in the near future."
  • "A committee of Kansas University alumni, headed by E. C. Meservey of Kansas City, president of the association, appeared before the University Council this afternoon to urge the return of the annual Kansas-Missouri football game to Kansas City. This committee presented the arguments in favor of the change and urged that the University Council favor the change and that the council so inform the Missouri Valley Conference Committee."
  • "The University of Kansas piano scholarship for 1914 has been awarded to Miss Nine Kanaga, one of the most talented young musicians in Lawrence. It carries with it free tuition for the year and is therefore worth something like $200. Miss Kanaga has just completed the freshman year at the University and is one of the most popular girls in town. She was an honor student in the high school but has taken time to carry music as well and is probably one of the youngest musicians in the state to play the pipe organ. The scholarship was awarded solely on merit and is therefore a sincere mark of appreciation of the good work done by Miss Kanaga."


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