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100 years ago: Canoeing accident claims life of KU football star

June 5, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 5, 1913:

  • "Harry E. Burnham had practically completed a four year course at Kansas University, only a few weeks work remained. Yesterday afternoon in a few short minutes the Kaw River set at naught all of these years of labor and blotted out this promising career. Harry Burnham was drowned.... Harry lost his life when a canoe in which he was riding alone tipped over and threw him into the water where it is very deep and in a swiftly running current. Burnham was a poor swimmer and the waters closed over his head after one feeble effort to save himself. He was seen to rise to the surface once after the canoe capsized but was carried under again a moment later.... The news of the tragedy saddened the entire student body of the University, for Harry Burnham was a popular student, he had fought the battles of the school on the gridiron and on the track. He was a hard worker and he was admired by all of his fellow students as a clean man, and an athlete.... At the end of last season he was selected by the Missouri Valley officials as one of the best tackles in the Conference. He distinguished himself in the Missouri-Kansas game last fall proving to be a tower of strength which the Missourians could not waver. Persistent working had made him one of the best linemen K.U. ever knew.... When not on the gridiron Burnham was at work striving to earn enough to make his way through school, and he did. Harry Burnham and Andy Groft, another of last season's team, have been caring for a laundry route this year. They managed well and were able to meet their expenses while in college with profits made in this way."
  • "Nearly two inches of rain -- 1.95 inches to be exact -- fell on the growing crops of Douglas county last night and caused much rejoicing among the rural population. The downfall began shortly after 7 o'clock last night and continued at intervals during the entire evening. It came at a time when it was very much needed and it did great good to the crops. Vegetation had begun to suffer from the excessive heat of the past few days but the loss thus far has been rather small. The rain did a good work but more will be needed in the very near future. The sun came back strong today and the drying process was very rapid."


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