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100 years ago: During heat wave, city council discusses gas supply for next winter

June 3, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 3, 1913:

  • "Overhead, the electric fan kept up a steady purring, humming noise as it created a bit of artificial breeze to combat with the heat waves that crowded the room; a water cooler in which the supply of ice had just been replenished and close to which a cup seemed to be issuing invitations to drink of the contents; the city fathers, coatless and threatening to become collarless very soon, were grouped about the long circular table, three or four citizens sweltered in the rear of the room and in the seat of power sat Mayor Bond envious of the city attorney, the dignity of whose office did not require the coat; City Clerk F. D. Brooks read in his steady, measured and somewhat subdued tones a warning of other days that were to come. Slowly he read, winter will be coming again after the elapse of the regular spell of time, there will be snowstorms and zero weather cold, and that which has accompanied these conditions in the past -- a gas shortage. Thus was the gas question introduced at the city council meeting last night under rather peculiar circumstances and with a setting not altogether in keeping with the subject. Ice water, electric fans, and a temperature above the nineties, what connection have these things with natural gas, the most popular heat producer known to the people of this section of the universe."
  • "Petitions presented at city council meeting: A petition was received from Geo. W. Krum and others asking for a light at the corner of Missouri and Winthrop [Seventh] streets. Referred. Arthur L. Marks asked permission to erect a sleeping porch on the rear of the building at 735 Massachusetts street. Referred. W. H. Vogt and others asked for a sidewalk on Johnson avenue, from Barker, 300 feet south. Referred. A. E. Carter and others asked that a railing be put up at the foot of Tennessee street. Referred to the Streets, Alleys and Bridges Committee. E. D. Funk and others asked for a sidewalk in the 1800 block, Vermont street. Referred."
  • "Chief Wm. F. Reinisch has taken a look over the fire fighting apparatus owned by the city of Lawrence and has found it wanting. The chief last night pointed out the weak places to the city fathers who were assembled in monthly gathering and urged that some steps be taken to increase the efficiency of the department and lessen the fire loss in the city of Lawrence. The chief pointed out that the department is called upon to make many long runs and that with the present equipment it is impossible to cover the ground properly. He advised the city fathers that Lawrence needs either more fire stations or better equipment at the one station. He recommends that the city load its old fire engine into a wagon and begin negotiations with a junk dealer for the disposal of the same. He brands it as unfit for service. The chief calls attention to the lack of a sufficient water supply at several of the fires to properly handle them. He says that 6 or 10 of the fires of the past year can be attributed to the fact that there were no water mains."


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