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100 years ago: Grandfather wins appeal in custody battle

June 1, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 1, 1913:

  • "Little Helen Beulah Pinney over whom there has been so much court litigation as to whose care she should be intrusted to, has again been officially given to Theodore Sultzen, her grandfather with whom she has been living for the last two years. The decision was given out this morning by Judge Smart of the Douglas County District Court. The case was brought by P. F. Pinney in the Probate Court some time ago. Mr. Pinney asked for a writ of Habeas Corpus restraining Mr. Sultzen from retaining the child, who Mr. Pinney alleged should rightfully be in his charge as it was his child. Mrs. Pinney died a few years ago and the child was taken to live with Mr. Sultzen, its grandfather. Mr. Pinney now claims the child stating that he is the legal custodian since the death of the mother. The writ was refused by Judge Lindley in the Probate Court. The case was appealed to the District Court and again refused this morning by Judge Smart. This will probably settle the case although there is some talk of taking it to the supreme court of Kansas."
  • "GOOD FOR MR. GRIESA -- Other Employers of Labor Could Well Follow His Example. -- The Journal-World has been informed that not long since a new rule was put into effect by T. E. Griesa to prohibit the telling of unclean stories or the use of profane language. Mr. Griesa went after the matter without any subterfuge and gave notice that as soon as he knew of an employee using profane or indecent language or telling a smutty story that he would be paid off instantly without notice." [T. E. Griesa was a wholesale and retail nurseryman in Lawrence in 1913.]
  • "All records of May heat kept at the University of Kansas observatory here have been shattered. Yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock a temperature of 96 degrees above zero was recorded by the University weather man and he estimated that the high figures would be reached again today. The town has baked and sizzled for three days now and although the weather man promises fair weather for tonight and tomorrow the outlook for relief in the very near future is rather poor. There was considerable suffering because of the continued heat wave."
  • "The Sons of Veterans, a new organization formed in the city by a number of the younger generation, have started a movement on foot to organize a drum corps. They hope to be sufficiently organized during the summer to send the corps to Kansas City at the opening of the new Union Station. This is a good movement and should be encouraged."


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