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100 years ago: Drivers’ license fees cover road-maintenance costs, county treasurer says

July 31, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 31, 1913:

  • "That the money received by Douglas county as its share of the auto and motor cycle licenses issued within it is enough to pay for thoroughly dragging every mile of its county roads was brought out in the quarterly statement of the county treasurer published yesterday.... The report shows that the net receipts to the county from the auto and motor cycle licenses issued within it amounted to $1511.25. There are 154 miles of county road in the county. Taking the estimated contract prices of 10c per mile per year for keeping the roads in this county dragged, the amount received from licenses would keep up every miles of road in Douglas county. With this fact before him, the farmer should not frown when he has to give part of the road to the auto he meets, or rail against the motorcyclist who occasionally accidentally runs down a chicken, for he should remember that the 75 and 50 cents license fees that the owners of these pay keep the roads good for him the year around as far as can be done by dragging."
  • "The sub committee of the Committee of Seventeen is rapidly completing its list of survivors of the Quantrell Massacre at Lawrence fifty years ago. At present the committee has over five hundred names on this list and it is expected that others will be added before the day of the memorial.... It is a difficult task to locate all of those persons who were in Lawrence on that eventful day in 1863, many of them left Lawrence immediately after the raid and there are many who have left since and have located far away from here. Some of them cannot be located and others have been completely forgotten. It is impossible to get a list that includes everyone but the committee is striving to locate just as many as possible. Special invitations are to be mailed to these persons urging them to come back to Lawrence for the anniversary and to visit the present city which has grown up on the site of the ruins of August 21, 1863. Many of them have never been back since that time and Lawrence people of today are anxious to have them here as their guests on this occasion."
  • "'We are confident that this year's fair will be a bigger success than ever,' declared C. O. Bowman, secretary of the Fair Association, today when discussing the meeting of the association board yesterday. 'The entries for the races show that they will be sure to please all patrons of the sport and from the number of inquiries we are receiving from farmers and stockmen, the exhibits will surpass any seen heretofore in Douglas county."


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