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100 years ago: Pool hall owner charged with allowing gambling on premises

July 28, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 28, 1913:

  • "A warrant issued by the city charging S. Bringolf, owner of a pool hall at 819 Massachusetts street, with permitting gambling in his hall was issued by the city attorney last Saturday evening and the owner of the hall was taken into custody to answer the charge made against him.... It is charged that boys have been permitted to play the game of 'Kelley' Pool in this place. 'Kelley' is a game to which money is wagered and as such comes under the ban of the state law and also of the city ordinance. It is alleged that the game has been played quite frequently at this place and the city authorities mean to stop it."
  • "A rock that lay a few feet outside the curbing on Massachusetts street near Morris served to slightly damage a five passenger car driven by J. L. Frazier at nine o'clock last night. The front wheel struck the rock, breaking the steering gear and sending the machine over the curb onto a pile of rocks. Frazier, the only passenger, was uninjured. He was driving south at a speed estimated at 60 miles when he struck the rock before he saw it. The rock had evidently come from a pile lying just inside the curbing on a lot belonging to O. H. McQuary."
  • "Haskell Institute boys and girls and the faculty members are to have an outing tomorrow afternoon and evening at Woodland Park.... To make it more of a picnic affair the Haskell teamsters will bring out the big hay-racks and the picnickers will be carried to the grounds on these. In the bottom of the racks will be the big baskets from the Haskell kitchen and in the evening these will be produced and the boys and girls will enjoy a real picnic supper before the return ride to the school. There are about 200 students who have remained at the school for the summer and it is for these that the picnic has been planned. No regular program has been arranged for the occasion it being the plan to let the pupils enjoy themselves as they choose."
  • "The City of Lawrence will be represented at the gas conference called by Governor Hodges for Wednesday of this week by Mayor E. U. Bond and probably by City Attorney J. H. Mitchell. Mr. Bond stated this morning that he will certainly attend this meeting as he is anxious that Lawrence get all of the gas possible this winter.... It is understood that the proposition to be discussed at this time is a plan for the Kansas cities [served by the Kansas Natural Gas Company] condemning the property of the company and taking it over and operating the plants themselves.... The next step scheduled is a special session of the legislature to enact a law permitting the cities to own and operate the gas properties as they now are allowed to do with two other public utilities, water and electric lights."


workinghard 4 years, 9 months ago

60 miles per hour on Mass street in 1913, good heavens. You're talking brick roads, maybe dirt back then. A lot of cars probably couldn't even go that fast.

Sarah St. John 4 years, 9 months ago

Shocked me too, to the point where I thought it might have been a typo, but I haven't seen any retractions since then. I think a car going 60 mph in 1913 would stand out wherever it was, but down Mass Street?!

Sarah St. John 4 years, 9 months ago

BTW Mr. Bringolf was in trouble before, just this past May:

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for May 10, 1913:

"Two arrests were made in Lawrence yesterday evening for alleged violations of the pool hall regulations of the city. Sneegas Brothers are charged with permitting minors to play in their hall, the 'Smoke House,' 738 Massachusetts street.... C. A. Bringolf, of the Bringolf Hall at 819 Massachusetts street, was charged with permitting the playing of the game in his hall later than 11 o'clock at night, the closing hour under the city ordinances.... The enforcement of the pool hall rules has not been very strict in Lawrence of late but the police department intends that it shall be, especially with regard to the playing of minors in these pool halls."

819 Mass, I think that's where Framewoods is now? And 738 Mass -- I'm not sure -- I can't look it up on Google right now.

FlintlockRifle 4 years, 9 months ago

Miss Sarah, I think this is where Pro-Print is today, as always good read.

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