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100 years ago: Two Lawrence department stores to close Friday afternoons in summer

July 20, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 20, 1913:

  • "Two Lawrence stores, Innes, Bullene and Hackman, and the Weaver Dry Goods Store, will be closed one afternoon each week during the remainder of the summer. The proprietors of these two stores have agreed to close each Friday afternoon at 1 o'clock [starting] Friday, July 25, and continuing until some time in September, the exact date having not yet been determined. For several years there has been an agitation for a half day a week closing during the summer months, but the plan was never put into operation. An effort was made last year to secure the promise of all of the business houses in the city to agree to such a closing, but the plan failed. A similar effort was made this year, but also lost. The proprietors of these two dry goods stores have now agreed to put the plan into operation at their two stores and try it out."
  • "Some new floors are to be laid in the city building. The city fathers last night at the special session voted to place a new floor in the fire headquarters and one in the street commissioner's room. There is also some repairing necessary to the papering in the various office which will be done soon. It is estimated that the work will cost about $300. There was some opposition to this work, councilman W. E. Hazen suggesting that it be left undone until the new form of government goes into effect. However, the city fathers voted to do the work now."
  • "The third annual picnic for the street car employees was held at Woodland Park yesterday and was one of the most successful ever given by the company for the fare chasers and their families. There were about seventy-five persons out for the afternoon and all of them had a great time. There were a number of special numbers on the program of the afternoon which proved to be real mirth provokers. The ball game between the night and day men was a screaming success, plenty of scoring and comedy to make up for the lack of class. The Day gang was victorious in the fray carrying away the honors by a count of 21 to 12.... Supper was eaten at 7 o'clock with ice cream and lemonade furnished by the car company. The evening was spent in the park dancing and riding the roller coaster."
  • "The humane society needs money. There is a lot of work to do and it is being done under difficulties. The society is doing a great work in this town and it takes some money. The horses and the animals generally need more attention now than at any other time except in the very coldest weather. There is much suffering among animals and the society is doing its best to stop it. The finances of the society are in bad shape because some of the funds usually available have not been forthcoming. The humane work in Lawrence is good work and it ought to be encouraged."


Clare Galloway 4 years, 9 months ago

Wouldn't it be great if we still had a park with a roller coaster?

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