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Brownback to lead delegation to China

July 13, 2013


TOPEKA — Gov. Sam Brownback is leading a Kansas delegation this weekend on a trip to China to look for opportunities to expand the state’s economy.

Agriculture Secretary Dale Rodman and Commerce Secretary Pat George also will be part of the trade mission group, which leaves today and will return Friday.

The Kansas leaders will meet with officials in Beijing, Henan Province and Guangdong Province, in addition to private business leaders who either do business already with Kansas or plan to do so in the future.

Brownback’s office says Kansas has exported $96 million in goods to China this year through April. Last year, Kansas exported more than $533 million in agricultural goods to the country, according to Euromonitor International data.


Armored_One 2 years ago

So we send one of the stupidest people in the state to say hi?

Lisa Medsker 2 years ago

Well, yeah! I saw the title of the article, and my first thought was, "Hmm.. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?"

915_Stroker 2 years ago

how will we get by with out him, my god ?

LoveisLove 2 years ago

LOL That is perfect! Now he can go check out all those jobs he helped send over seas! Haha What an idiot!

Lee Henry 2 years ago

Hope he stays there.....we don't need him......

somebodynew 2 years ago

Maybe, he could just stay in the "transition area" of an airport in Russia ?? No wait, I don't want him going there. I am sure he would offer Snowden refuge in Kansas. After all, we don't have to follow any of the Federal Laws he doesn't like, so what would be the problem.

kernal 2 years ago

Hold on there! Who's paying for this trip?

Robert Rauktis 2 years ago

Hopefully he drinks their water and takes a deep breath. He'll find the God he sikhs. Then kick him to Mongolia. it'll remind him of western Kansas.

Ewok79 2 years ago

Hey now, western Kansas may suck. But it's not Mongolia. It's more like Mexico.

question4u 2 years ago

"Gov. Sam Brownback is leading a Kansas delegation this weekend on a trip to China to look for opportunities to expand the state’s economy."

Good idea. He can tell them all about the advantages of doing business in Kansas. When the Koch's get their wish of no minimum wage, then the Chinese can start opening sweatshops here – and the factory owners won't have to pay any state income tax either. They can use state highways to ship their goods, have their businesses protected by the state patrol and KBI, and (if they want to) even send their kids to Kansas schools without contributing a penny in state income tax. They can just suck out the profits, as in any other third-world country.

Since the Chinese are now committing an additional $250 billion a year to higher education while Kansas has just made significant cuts to funding for universities and the KU Medical Center, maybe Sam can work out a deal to bring Chinese doctors to fill the voids around the state. Sure, the landscape may be strange to them, but the law forcing physicians to tell patients what the Kansas Legislature dictates should make those Chinese doctors feel right at home. After all, they're not used to freedom of speech.

And China can send engineers and scientists to keep Wichita's aviation industry alive.

This could actually work. China can provide the educated overseers and Kansas can provide the cheap labor. Great plan Sam! You're finally starting to reveal the logic behind your Kansas road map.

yourworstnightmare 2 years ago

Spot on as usual, Q4U. Couldn't have summed it up any better.

Richard Heckler 2 years ago

Special Interest Campaign Money is waiting in China.

After Sam gave AMC 47 million income tax $$$$$ to relocate into Kansas a Chinese investment group dropped by to purchase AMC. Those AMC owners had a heyday.

Lefty54 2 years ago

There is a billion non-christians there that he needs to convert to his weird brand of Christianity. You know like picking on the poor and disabled. Tax the poor to feed the rich.

Scott Tichenor 2 years ago

I'm happy to foot his first-class airline ticket if it's one-way and promises to never return.

Stuart Sweeney 2 years ago

I hope with the tax cuts and dropping revenue the tickets are one way only!

Kris Norton 2 years ago

Some might say that sam already speaks the language. Remember this classic/dumb sammy quote from July 1997?? "So no raise money, no get bonus?"

Centerville 2 years ago

The 'shocking asian slur' originated with King James I: "No bishops, no king." but when all one has to live for it hating a politician, even the NYT has its uses.

Ewok79 2 years ago

Hopefully he'll fly Asiana Airlines on his way home.

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