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25 years ago: Clearview City residents discuss fees with new owners

July 11, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 11, 1988:

  • A hearing had been scheduled for later this month to discuss the legal issues surrounding the lifetime occupancy agreements held by many Clearview City residents. About 300 people lived in the DeSoto-area neighborhood, which had been built during World War II for workers at the nearby Army ammunition plant and had then been converted into retirement housing in the mid-1970s by the late Paul Hansen. Triad Clearview of Kansas Inc. had completed the purchase of Clearview City from the Hansen estate in March; the company had informed residents in June that it was planning to sell the homes on a condominium basis and establish a homeowners association. Triad had also informed people with the lifetime occupancy agreement (about two-thirds of the residents) that their monthly service fee was being raised 24 percent starting August 1 -- an increase of $50 to $90 a month depending on the size of the house. Residents said their understanding was that the endowment fees they paid when entering into the lifetime agreement ensured that the homes would be theirs as long as they lived, while Triad officials maintained that the endowment fees were only a way of subsidizing the rent for a specified number of years.
  • An editorial in today's Journal-World stated the hope that "members of the Kansas Racing Commission know what they are doing and have done their homework relative to their approval of a combination horse and dog racing park in Kansas City, Kansas.... It would be interesting to know why they think a dog track and horse track can survive side by side." Using examples of similar situations in Omaha and Minneapolis, the editorial writer questioned the wisdom of building competing tracks.


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