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100 years ago: ‘Everything good to eat in the vegetable line’ now in local markets

July 10, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 10, 1913:

  • "The yellow string bean is the one stumbling-block in the way of an otherwise perfect fruit and vegetable crop. The yellow wax bean this year has refused to grow to its usual large and pretentious size and has developed into a bean far inferior to that which was marketed last year. However, this is the only place where the vegetable crop has failed. Other things are bountiful and all of good size and quality. The watermelons had a hard time getting started. In some places the farmers have had to plant the melons two or three times, but when they finally got a stand they shot up like weeds, and give promise of being one of the largest yields ever this year. Nearly all the vegetables are in now, with the exception of the squash and the main supply of cucumbers and every now and then these are found in a farmer's basket. Home grown peaches are coming and are as fine as ever this year. Corn, tomatoes, onions, beans, cabbage, cauliflower, blackberries, dew berries, black and red raspberries, in fact, everything good to eat in the vegetable line can be found on the market now in plenty."
  • "The public utilities commission has ordered the Kansas Natural Gas company to make immediate extensions of its pipe lines to insure a sufficient supply of gas for next winter. Work on these extensions must begin, the commission declares, not later than July 17. No increase in rates to consumers is permitted by the commission's order."
  • "Prof. L. L. Dyche, State Fish and Game Warden, was in town yesterday. He was here for only part of the day, but he stayed long enough to tell about the black bass, crappie, sunfish and catfish that he intends to begin distributing in September. The professor is quite enthusiastic about his work, the more so since his plans have worked out better than he expected them to and he is making preparations for more extensive improvements in the fish hatcheries."
  • "WHEREAS, The Proposition to build a bridge across the Kaw river in the city of Lawrence will be voted upon by the electors of Douglas county, Kansas, on July 22, 1913, and Whereas, The electors of the county should be fully advised as to the kind and class of structure to be built if said proposition carries; Now therefore let it be RESOLVED, By the said board of county commissioners that if said proposition carries at said special election that said board will cause to be constructed across the Kaw river at Lawrence, Kansas, a re-enforced concrete bridge about high water mark, according to the best approved up-to-date plan obtainable at a price not to exceed $200,000. GUS H. BRUNE, Chairman; HERMAN BROEKER, County Clerk."
  • "Have you registered? The poll books close tomorrow night. The special election will be held on Tuesday, July 22.... The bridge proposal is before the voters of the county. The residents of Lawrence cannot vote unless they are registered. See that your name is on the poll books."


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