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100 years ago: Light rain provides some relief for area farmers

July 6, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 6, 1913:

  • "It was only a light rain, half an inch, says the weather man on the hill, but nevertheless it did a lot of good. The heat wave which had Kansas sizzling in its grip has been broken for a while at least and temperatures were more moderate today. The rain which began yesterday morning and fell at intervals until this morning was of the 'drizzle drazzle' variety, just seemed to sift down out of the sky and settle gently on the scorching earth. As it fell through the air there was a cooling process which made life more pleasant for those who inhabit these torrid regions. But it did more than this for the farmer and his corn and means another check in the progress of the chinch bug army which is invading local territory at present. The rain helps the corn in its struggle with the pests, giving it renewed life; further than this the rain starts a growth of vegetation in the cornfields and as this is more to the liking of the bugs than the tough corn stalks the chinch bug host is expected to withdraw from the attack for a short time at least.... Hundreds of Salina people this afternoon watched the formation of several cyclone clouds, and many people went to their cellars. None of the clouds did damage."
  • "Frank Alrich has been charged with keeping a vicious dog in a complaint which has been filed in police court. It is alleged that a dog belonging to Alrich recently attacked and bit Banks Brown, a mail carrier. Alrich pleaded not guilty this morning and will be tried on Saturday morning."
  • "Charges of speeding on a motorcycle have been preferred against Louis Tower. The complaint alleges that Tower exceeded the speed limit while driving his pop-pop on Rhode Island street recently."
  • "Just now Lawrence seems to be enduring a plague of crickets. The little pests seem to be everywhere and make the nights unpleasant with their noises. Where they come from is not known, but each evening great swarms of them are seen under the electric lights on the street corners. The bugs do no great damage, but they are very disagreeable visitors."


Sarah St. John 4 years, 8 months ago

Looks like the Chinch Bug Army might get a break. :)

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