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100 years ago: Lawrence closes down, heads to park for holiday

July 4, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 4, 1913:

  • "Lawrence is enjoying a holiday today. Not the noisy Fourth of July as of old, just a holiday. To be sure the Fourth was given a rousing welcome last night upon its arrival but it was not the noisy welcome that the day would have received ten or fifteen years ago. The safe and sane idea has taken well with Lawrence. Business was practically suspended today and everyone made plans to get out to Woodland Park early and spend the day there.... The early indications were that an immense crowd would be present at the park during the entire day. 'Something doing all the time' was the plan and the people of the city and of the country were on hand to see it all."
  • "Glen Rigby's mad motor ride through Lawrence and this section of the state early in the week is to cost the youth six months of his liberty. Judge Latshaw of Kansas City yesterday imposed this sentence on the young culprit. It will be remembered that on Wednesday Rigby passed through Lawrence in the stolen car traveling at such a rate that the Lawrence police, who wanted him for speeding, were unable to stop him. A chase followed but it was not until the young man reached St. Marys that he was captured."
  • "The State Board of Health has ordered pure water for the city of Lawrence. The state board placed its order with Dr. S. J. Crumbine, secretary of the board, yesterday at a session held in the City of Topeka. It instructed the Doctor to begin an extensive investigation and hinted that in case conditions were found bad and failed to be improved the section of the state law which provides for a fine might be put into operation against offending water companies. The State Board does not limit its activities to Lawrence alone. It has heard of a number of cities where there has been water trouble and it has submitted the entire list to Dr. Crumbine for investigation of the rumors."
  • "Are you too hot? If you are, it is high time you set about making yourself as cool as possible. You can't control the thermometer. It goes up and down at its own sweet will, but, if it happens to be on the rise, you can at least do all in your power to prevent the heat from getting the best of you. Manufacturers have spend many hours of anxious thought devising all sorts of clothing that is as cool as fashion and appearance will allow. Take advantage of their labors and provide yourself with a light hat, thin underwear and socks, lower collars, a suit with an unlined coat and loose, comfortable shoes. You will be astonished at the difference a few changes in your dress will make in your comfort."


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