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100 years ago: Four Gettysburg survivors still living in Lawrence

July 2, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 2, 1913:

  • "Capt. C. L. Edwards, Company D, 37th Massachusetts Volunteers. Hiram B. Barrell, Company I, First Indiana Cavalry. Major J. N. Roberts, 6th Ohio Cavalry. Alfred Ecke. As near as can be learned these are the survivors of the Battle of Gettysburg who now live in Lawrence, and they are all much interested in the exercises that are being held this week on that great battlefield in Pennsylvania. They recall many a vivid picture of the terrible doings on that battlefield of fifty years ago and would indeed be glad to be there today, but none of them made the long trip. The anniversary of that great battle recalls to the minds of these men scenes of marching men, hurrying to the front, to the place where the roar of cannon seems loudest; they see men lying about the fields and in the trenches where they fell for their country. Gettysburg to them is a field of carnage, and death, and destruction, such as it was when they last saw it. Today the men who created that great picture are meeting again on that same battlefield, today as friends on the ground where they engaged in mortal combat fifty years ago. The Lawrence veterans would be glad to replace the memory of that terrible battle with pictures of the great reunion of today."
  • "Melvin Brown, the four year old son of F. E. Brown, living about 9 miles southeast of the city, died this noon at 12 o'clock of lockjaw at the Simmons hospital. Melvin fell from a tree about two weeks ago and sustained severe scratches on the arm which developed a week later into lockjaw. The little fellow was hardly able to move since last Monday, but it was thought up until just a day or so ago that he was gradually getting better."
  • "The heat wave today claimed its toll of human life in Lawrence this afternoon, causing the death of Mrs. Naomia C. Mercer, a young woman aged 33 years. The young woman was overcome by the heat several days ago when the heat wave was at its worst. Her condition was critical from the first. The woman was a mother of only two weeks. She is survived by her husband and the little child. The husband, R. E. Mercer, is employed by the Missouri and Kansas Telephone company and the family has been living in Lawrence but about a year."


Tee 4 years, 6 months ago

Poor kid. I suppose this makes a good time to check and see if your tetanus shot is up to date.

Sarah St. John 4 years, 6 months ago

Getting tetanus from a TREE of all things. For some reason I thought it was just from rusty metals. I learned something today!

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