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40 years ago: Bingo amendment introduced in state senate

January 31, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 31, 1973:

In Topeka today, the Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee voted to introduce an amendment to legalize operation of gambling bingo by certain non-profit organizations while retaining a prohibition against other forms of gambling. However, Senate president pro tem Sen. Robert Bennett conferred with committee chair Sen. Ed Reilly shortly afterward, saying later, "I don't think the committee realized the time element involved and had not determined whether the necessary 27 votes would be obtained to get the proposed amendment through the Senate." The proposed amendment would have legalized the operation of gambling bingo by non-profit religious, fraternal, educational, charitable, and veterans organizations. One issue that had been raised by legislators during other discussions was how to legalize bingo without legalizing a number of other gambling games which the courts had defined as "bingo," such as keno and lotto.


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