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100 years ago: No drinking water for Lawrence schoolchildren

January 30, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 30, 1913:

  • "There is no water in the city schools of Lawrence for drinking purposes. And this condition of affairs brought forth considerable discussion and some criticism on the streets today. It is stated that the city water in the city schools has been turned off for several months and that in the meantime no provision has been made for supplying the school children with drinking water of any kind. It is said that several children have complained about being thirsty in school and have been unable to obtain a drink until they returned to their homes after school was out.... The school board when it ordered the city water turned off in the drinking fountains did so because it said that it believed the water to be impure and unfit for drinking purposes. However, it is alleged that the board made no provision for drinking water for the children. It is believed by many that the board should arrange to supply the children in the schools with water. If the city water is not pure it is the contention that some other arrangements should be made."
  • "Kansas City. -- A threat to destroy the city unless $100,000 is placed in his hands immediately led to the arrest and confinement in the police headquarters today of John Tailburg, a Danish laborer, employed at a grading camp on the outskirts of the city. Sitting in the office of the chief of police following his arrest, Tailburg calmly waited and said 'the Almighty had promised aid' in his undertaking. Tailburg's threat came in a letter addressed to the chief of police saying he had a 'claim against the city' for trying to take his life. 'If it is not settled,' the letter said, 'before February 1, 1913, and $100,000 paid to my office, I will destroy your city. I was hurt on my right foot by a steam drill. You refused to give me a doctor's care. I may lose my foot, even my life.' The letter was signed. No resistance offered with the police arrested Tailburg. The police records show that the man was injured by a drill two weeks ago. He wrote Chief Griffin asking for a physician. A physician who was sent to the camp reported that the man needed no further medical attention."
  • "The cold and snow that threatened last night failed to arrive and today old Sol took the lead in weather matters again. It seemed certain yesterday evening that it would snow before morning. All day the weather was threatening and there were a few flakes in evidence during the day."


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