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100 years ago: Water-company manager calls halt to city valuation

January 29, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 29, 1913:

  • "The Lawrence Water Company, through its manager, Frank Sauer, has temporarily stopped the city's investigation of the conditions of the company's property in Lawrence. The present water controversy took on a new form this morning when it developed that certain stakes that had been set by city engineer, Herbert Dunmire, on the property of the company, had been taken up. Manager Sauer stated today that he had done that and that he did not believe that the city of Lawrence had any right to trespass on the property of the Lawrence Water Company any more than that a private individual had the same right. Manager Sauer stated that he would not permit further work on the part of the city engineer until he had heard from the officers of the company. This action on the part of Mr. Sauer came as a surprise to all who had been following the water controversy. It was understood that the company welcomed the action taken by the council to secure an estimate of the value of the property of the company, but it seems that the manager is inclined to think that the city is taking too great a liberty with private property and has taken this action to frustrate any plans that the city may have for obtaining an accurate valuation of the company's property."
  • "Thirty disappointed husbands or wives are asking Judge Smart of the District Court to annul unsatisfactory marriage contracts made at various times and in various places. The Bar Docket for the February term of court shows thirty instances wherein Dan Cupid has shown poor judgment. Just that many divorce cases will be tried in the coming term of the court by Judge Smart."
  • "Topeka. -- An atmosphere of reconciliation prevails among the Republicans gathered here today to attend the Kansas Day Banquet this evening. It is stated that before the session is over the members of the G.O.P. will formally offer peace terms to the members of the new Progressive Party in the hope of reuniting the party. National Committeeman Stanley is here and it is stated that he has drawn up a resolution which proposes to bring the two factions back together by making certain concessions to those who have gone into the Progressive Party."


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