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25 years ago: Dole autobiography places senator at wrong university

January 25, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 25, 1988:

  • Many Kansas University Jayhawks were writhing today at the news that a just-published autobiography of Sen. Bob Dole and his wife contained a crucial error about the senator's alma mater. A photograph caption in the book read in part, "In the fall of 1941, I entered Kansas State University at Lawrence...." Dole, of course, had actually attended KU, a fact more correctly conveyed in the text of the autobiography. Walt Riker, Dole's press secretary, said today that the senator had been told of the error immediately after the first printed copies of the book had arrived in his office.
  • About 2,000 people gathered today to watch the grand opening of the nation's second Hypermart USA in Topeka. The opening of the 222,000-square-foot building, a combination grocery-hardware-retail store about two city blocks long, was attended by a throng of local dignitaries and Sam Walton, chair of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. "This is an epic occasion, a historic occasion for our company," Walton said. "We thought we'd like to test one of these huge, new concepts in a medium-sized market."


Linda and Bill Houghton 5 years ago

If you look back in history you will find that "Kansas State University" was used on occasion for Kansas University. This was prior to Kansas State College being renamed as Kansas State University. Where the Alma Mater now has "hail to old KU" it had earlier "hail to KSU". Prior to the renaming of Kansas State College, KU was the only state university of Kansas. I don't know if this figured in to the biographical "error" or not but it could have.

Sarah St. John 5 years ago

Entered KU in the fall of 1941; went to war for the big WWII; came back and went to Arizona 1948-1951; then to Washburn for LLB and BA degrees (1952).

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