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100 years ago: Over 50 new students to join high school at second semester

January 24, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 24, 1913:

  • "Twenty-five girls and thirty-two boys, a total of fifty-seven pupils, were today granted certificates of graduation from the grade schools of the city and are now eligible to enter the High School next Monday morning when the second term opens.... It is a great day for these boys and girls when they leave the grade schools with their all day sessions and their recesses and playgrounds and all the evidences and associations of boyhood and girlhood and enter into a new world -- the High School. It is an event of no small importance.... The class that leaves the eighth grade this year is somewhat marked from the ordinary class in that there are more boys than girls who receive the promotion slips. And further than this the boys have shown themselves to be the best scholars."
  • "Two Kansas City, Kansas, girls, Emma and Edith Adrain, who ran away from their home Wednesday, were located in Lawrence today and left this afternoon with a brother to return to Kansas City. The girls were located at the home of a sister in West Lawrence by Officer Henry Smith.... Two boys are said to have been in the case and these two have been apprehended, but it was not until this morning that the girls were located."
  • "The boys of the grade schools have organized basketball teams this year and the first game will be played tonight, when the Quincy and Central teams clash. The game will be played on the Y.M.C.A. gymnasium."
  • "A resolution against the custom of Sunday funerals was passed yesterday at a meeting of the brotherhood of the Warren Street Baptist church. It is the purpose of the resolution to discourage the Sunday funerals 'except in extreme cases where it is found absolutely necessary."
  • "Tomorrow afternoon at 1:30 at the Douglas county court house the Douglas county branch of the Progressive party will take a definite form and henceforth shall figure in the politics of this county. Not that Bull Moosers haven't been active in the county before and that their power has not been felt but now it has been decided that a permanent organization shall be perfected and the party take its place in the political family."


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