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100 years ago: Child patient writes with gratitude to KU hospital

January 23, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 23, 1913:

  • "Endorsement of the work of the state of Kansas in caring for its crippled children came today from two different sources to the office of Chancellor Frank Strong of the University of Kansas which conducts the State Hospital at Rosedale. The letters of approval were signed with the names of a prominent Chicago merchant and a little Kansas girl. 'My understanding is that your state is taking unusually good care of such people and I want to advocate the improvements in two other states,' writes Wint W. Hallam, Illinois reformer. And seven-year-old Carrie, who came to the University hospital with a useless arm, sent the following letter to the surgeon who made it straight again: 'Dear friend, how are you? I am fine and dandy. I got home alright. I can't raise my arm no higher than out level.... My arm is better now than before.... Tell the Doctors Hello for me. Well, I was glad to get home and the folks was glad to see me. I will close for this time so good-bye from your friend.' The legislature of 1911 passed a law making it the duty of physicians to report the cases of poor children whose deformity could be cured by an operation. The county health officers were authorized to send the little ones to K.U. hospital for free medical services."
  • "Another variety of his product was sent by the weatherman yesterday afternoon and he kept on sending today -- rain. Not one of those heavy 'dashin' splashin' ' rains but just a little 'drizzle drazzle' that kept up all during the night. Thus has winter again been interrupted and January continues its claims upon a freak record in the way of weather or weathers."
  • "Over 1,200 signatures have been fixed to the petition asking that the matter of commission government for Lawrence be submitted to the voters at the spring election. The committee is pleased with the results that it is attaining and hopes to have the petitions ready to present to the council at its February meeting."
  • [Editorial] "It is a mistake to exempt women from jury duty. The women are citizens and should take their places with other citizens in doing this disagreeable duty. There should be no effort to get women on juries but they should take their chances by having their names in the jury box the same as men. It will be a long time before women will be jurors to any great extent. The jury list is made up from personal property tax payers and few women pay personal property tax."


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