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100 years ago: Local group seeks Sunday store closures

January 20, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for January 20, 1913:

  • "Steps looking toward the Sunday closing of all groceries and meat markets in the city of Lawrence were taken this morning at the regular meeting of the Ministerial Alliance. The action followed the presentation of a resolution from the Brotherhood of the Lutheran church asking that the Alliance endeavor to have these stores closed on Sundays.... It is understood that many grocers and butchers have wanted to close their places on Sundays and some of them have while others have remained open and conducted their business on Sunday mornings. It is the hope of the Brotherhood, which presented the resolution, that all of these can be prevailed upon to dispense with the Sunday morning opening.... The Alliance disapproved of the showing of motion pictures in a picture house on Sundays, even at a religious meeting. This action followed the showing of a picture 'The Star of Bethlehem' at a mass meeting held at the Oread Theater yesterday afternoon under the auspices of the Y.M.C.A. This is said to have been a religious film but the ministers disapprove of the showing of even such a picture in a regular picture house."
  • "Some new rulings have been made along parcel post lines by the Post Office Department at Washington that will be of interest to all who have things in packages to send by mail. The instructions say that boxes of merchandise may be sent, if the lids are fastened on so that the nails or screws may be easily removed and the contents examined."
  • "A twelve-volume Century Dictionary was presented to the High School this morning by Mr. George Innes. The High School has needed a modern set of dictionaries for a long time and this gift is one that is certainly appreciated by the authorities. Mr. Innes has always been a good friend of the high school and this is only one of the many favors that he has done for it."


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