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100 years ago: KU hospital donor dies at 92

January 17, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 17, 1913:

  • "Dr. Simon B. Bell, the donor of the Kansas University Hospital at Rosedale, Kansas, died yesterday morning at his home in Rosedale. Death followed an illness of two weeks that was occasioned by a fall sustained by the aged physician and which resulted in a broken hip. Dr. Bell was 92 years of age and he was unable to withstand the shock of his fall.... Dr. Bell was among the earliest settler of Rosedale and has lived there practically his entire life. Ten years ago he made a gift of $90,000 to the University of Kansas for the purpose of erecting a University Hospital. The building was erected in Rosedale and is known as the 'Bell Memorial Hospital.' It was a great addition to the University medical school and it has endeared the memory of Dr. Bell in the hearts of Kansas University students, especially those in the medical school."
  • "J. D. Fincher, probation officer, has two boys for whom he desires to find a place in the country where they can go to school. The boys are aged 11 and 9 years and they are bright boys. Mr. Fincher wants them in the same hope if possible, where the boys can be together. He says the parents have a reasonable amount of money and can pay board. If you want these boys or know of anyone who does let Mr. Fincher know."
  • "There is still complaint about boys shooting squirrels in this city. The marshal had his police make a tour on the west side but the boys are killing the squirrels fast on the east side. One woman who loves animals of all kinds notified the Journal-World this morning that five of her pet squirrels had been killed last night. This is cruelty to animals. In addition to the city getting after the boys, the juvenile court gets a chance at them as well."
  • "Representative A. M. Keene of Bourbon county this morning introduced in the house a bill providing for a single board of regents for the state educational institutions. This is a Democratic administration measure but was introduced by a Republican."
  • "A bill was introduced in the Kansas senate today by Senator Nixon which would place counties under the commission form of government the same as cities and abolish all county officers except probate judge, county attorney, superintendent of schools and three commissioners."


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