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100 years ago: Local auto club urges state to create roads legislation

January 16, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 16, 1913:

  • "'We, the Lawrence Automobile and Good Roads Association of Douglas County, favor an amendment to the constitution of the State of Kansas whereby said state will be permitted to participate in internal improvement.' A copy of this resolution passed at the meeting of the Douglas County Automobile and Good Roads Association last night is to be sent to the representatives of this county in the State Legislature urging these representatives to activity along the lines of good roads legislation. There was much road enthusiasm in evidence at the meeting last night indicating that the Good Roads plans of Governor Hodges will receive the hearty approval and support of Lawrence road boosters."
  • "Mae Hadley was arrested yesterday afternoon by Constable Bowers on a warrant sworn out by Louis LaTour. Mrs. Hadley is charged with having drawn a revolver and threatened to fill the person of LaTour 'full of lead.' She appeared in Judge Wilson's court this morning and was released on a $200 bond."
  • ""Grant Township C.P.A. is planning another wolf hunt. The one held last week failed to result in the capture of any wolves but the members of the order are not at all discouraged and will hold another hunt in the near future."
  • "The report of the business of the parcel post for the first fifteen days after its installation that was asked for by the Post Office Department at Washington was made up today and forwarded to Washington. Superintendent Willard Brown has kept a record of every package sent or received, together with the weight, postage, etc., and the report he made was exhaustive and complete.... For the fifteen days there were 4,132 parcels sent out, with an average postage of 5 1/4 cents, and total postage of $217.05. Of these sent out, 59 were insured packages."
  • "Unusual January weather is prevailing just at present. For two days there has not even been a frost, the thawing continuing all night. As a result most of the streets in the city are more or less a mass of mud and water and the snow has entirely disappeared. And the weather man promised today to send more warm weather and allow the thawing to continue."


JS82 5 years, 4 months ago

Would love to know the backstory of Mae Hadley and Louis LaTour. It has to be interesting. Are there any other stories in the future that mention it?

Sarah St. John 5 years, 4 months ago

I found one last night and it was such a let-down. I was thinking it was a "fury of a woman scorned" kind of thing.... but it turns out that the big fight was over a cow. Yes, A COW! I wish I had more details, but that's all the paper said..... It might have been "Your cow keeps wandering over and getting into my yard," or maybe "You sold me a cow and said it would give milk, but it won't," or.... ? With such a lack of details, we can make up our own back-story. :-)

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