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In case you missed them: The most-clicked-on stories this week

January 13, 2013



Lawrence Morgan 5 years, 4 months ago

These don't reflect readers' blogs, because no one can find them now. Citizen journalism at the Journal-World is almost dead.

Astrunk 5 years, 4 months ago

Go to the tab on the top that says "Opinion" click the drop tab and select "Reader Blogs". Hope that helps.


bearded_gnome 5 years, 4 months ago

indeed KP1, having the readers' blogs listed under community perspectives was right and proper.
sadly, the new content management people I guess don't want to be bothered by the level of posting management that that requires.

or they just don't want messy, potentially offending, opinions on their front page.

Lawrence Morgan 5 years, 4 months ago

The latest blogs used to be on the front page. Despite my questions (I write blogs from around the world, and many comments which I think often are very useful) and other people's questions, we have not heard any real answer to this question. At the very least, why were they taken from the front page, and that area replaced with news, which one can get from anywhere on the net? And actually it is in much greater detail elsewhere. Google has much better news than this brief summary. What is the real reason why?

The readers' blogs add a dimension to this paper which otherwise wouldn't exist.

Although you probably wouldn't care, I am a graduate of KU, a long time resident of Lawrence and San Francisco, and I want to know, as do many other readers, why this change has been made.

What it means is, for most people who are not familiar with the computer in detail, reader's blogs are impossible to find. They don't know how to find them, and there is nowhere on the front page to suggest, where to look or that they even exist.

Some of the writing is not always of my liking (although there is some very good writing). But the subjects covered are covered nowhere else in the newspaper.

One of the reasons that KU students and so many people get turned off by the Journal-World, our hometown newspaper, is because subjects like those chosen for the reader's blogs are nowhere else it to be found. I, for example, work very hard - many hours - to select my topics and do much background research. I am found both in reader's blogs and in well commons, but reader's blogs are virtually useless now. There are too many clicks, pages to negotiate, to try to them.

Why have they been removed from the front page????

Many people I know no longer write blogs, for this reason. Therefore, I say again, CITIZEN JOURNALISM is almost no longer to be found in the Journal-World.

Unlike other Kansas newspapers - where reader's blogs and comments are WELCOMED.

I would be curious to know if the five most clicked articles were on the front page of the Journal-World's web edition. That would not be surprising, because the articles were easy to find and look at. Reader's blogs are almost IMPOSSIBLE to find now.

Also, you can't judge articles by the number of "clicks" they generate. That is very simplistic and foolish. Many of the "clicks" are for reader's dislike of other readers and their opinions; they are not even comments on what is currently under discussion.

And I repeat: UNLIKE many other Kansas newspapers, where reader's blogs are welcomed, they are apparently no longer welcome at the Journal-World since this change has been made.

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