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25 years ago: City commission to discuss human rights amendment

January 11, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 11, 1988:

  • The five members of the Lawrence City Commission this week were scheduled to consider an amendment to the city's human rights ordinance to prohibit discrimination based on sexual preference. After receiving the recommendation in June from the Human Relations Commission but refusing to place the item on the agenda for more than six months, commissioners were to discuss the question at this week's meeting. (A follow-up article in the next day's Journal-World revealed that, after hearing 35 speakers argue the pros and cons of the issue, the commission had decided to postpone its decision to next week's meeting.)
  • The Warm Hearts group had announced earlier this week that donations had surpassed the previous year's fundraising efforts, but this year's goal of $60,000 was still a good way off. Warren Rhodes, treasurer for the group, said that 1,118 donors had given a total of $48,207 so far. The campaign was scheduled to conclude at the end of this week.


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