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100 years ago: Sledders out in full force on Lawrence streets

January 11, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 11, 1913:

  • "As usual, when the snow remains on the ground a few days, the sleds appear on the hilly streets and the coasters have a good time. The last two or three nights have been no exceptions to this rule and as early as eight or nine o'clock the kids start coasting down the hills, but the big bob-sleds generally observe the city ordinance by staying off until after the last street car has passed, which generally means about half past eleven or twelve o'clock. When the coasters observe this ordinance the danger of accidents is greatly lessened and except for an occasional spill or two the coasting is excellent. Some of the larger bobs were going as far as Massachusetts street last night, but the majority, owing to the unpacked condition of the snow, were only able to make the Vermont crossing. A few more nights of this snow will see the hills in a fine condition as the snow is the dry kind that, when packed, forms a glassy surface that makes the sleds come flying down the incline at a lively clip."
  • "While it is admitted by Dean F. W. Blackmar, of the University, that the big factor in reducing the cost of living is the production of more and better crops on the farm, it must be the country man and the country boy who must do it and not the city bred man or boy. Dean Blackmar in an address delivered before the Kansas Board of Agriculture yesterday declared that the present 'back to the farm' movement was very much 'nonsense.' Prof. Blackmar explained that the present generation of city folks had gone too far away from the simple life to ever return to the soil and make successful farmers. He stated that if the average city man went to the farm he would be a failure and would only further decrease the production of the farms."


bugbuster 5 years, 5 months ago

can u see this article of 1913 written in 2013 politically correct journalism let me para-pharse police, with nothing else better to do, are out in full force busting bob-sledders the bob-sledders are taking advantage of the snow that has not been cleared in accordance with the city commission laws, ya ya ya and so on , you get the drift , ha ha what a pun

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