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100 years ago: Winter weather finally arrives, makes up for lost time

January 6, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 6, 1913:

  • "LOOK WHO'S HERE! OLD WINTER ARRIVES -- Came on Saturday and is Making an Extended Stay -- APOLOGIZES FOR BEING LATE -- But Promises to Make Good Now That He Has Come -- Brought a North Wind and Liberal Supply of Snow Along With Him And Has More on The Way. -- A belated winter arrived here on Saturday night, liked it, and stayed over Sunday; and was still here this morning, evidently enjoying himself and making preparations for an extended stay in this vicinity. He admitted being late but when he came he was accompanied by blasts right straight from the north, snow flurries, ice and bluster just like a well organized winter coming at the time of year when winters are in season.... Yesterday morning thermometers dropped as low as 12 above and showed but a slight rise during the day. By night the temperature had fallen to 10 above and somewhere and sometime during the night it took another tumble and winter with all of its fury broke loose.... It was an even coat of snow that covered the town and filled up the street car tracks so that the early cars experienced considerable difficulty in getting the tracks open and later ones were troubled with keeping them in such a condition."
  • "Adam Oliver was born in Cornwall county, England, October 15, 1823. He died here yesterday afternoon at his home, 802 Tennessee street. A long and useful life, almost a century, was ended yesterday afternoon when the grim reaper, Death, called and claimed one of Lawrence's oldest and most highly respected citizens. Although greatly advanced in years Mr. Oliver had enjoyed good health up until within three days of his death when he was taken ill with pneumonia.... Adam Oliver lived an active life in Lawrence coming here before the Quantrell raid. He escaped the raiders by hiding in a ravine in west Lawrence and took an active part in the rebuilding of the city after the visit of the Missouri Guerrillas.... In his early life in Lawrence Mr. Oliver was a building contractor. Many of the older buildings in the city were constructed by him or under his supervision. He looked after the building of the Lawrence High school and later supervised the construction of the Central school building and the new Douglas county court house."
  • "With the ringing of the school bells this morning the school work that was interrupted by the two weeks of Christmas vacation was resumed and many of the students are really and truly glad that vacation is over, as there is something fascinating about the school life that makes all glad to get back once in a while. All morning grade and high school pupils could be seen in the vicinity of the school grounds, with their books under their arms, trudging through the snow to their respective buildings.... At the university it will take several days to get the work up to the standard that it was before the vacation as a great many of the students like to remain home until the very last minute and generally take an additional day or so more vacation."


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