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100 years ago: Doctor speaks out against use of ‘rouge and powders’

January 5, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 5, 1913:

  • "Dr. S. J. Crumbine, dean of the University of Kansas School of Medicine, is the latest recruit to the ranks of the 'beauty-doctors.' Dean Crumbine makes his entry with advice to Kansas women on 'How to Keep the Skin Fair,' and at the same time scorns the use of rouge and powders. 'Paint and powder are in reality a kind of dirt that clogs up the pores of the skin,' declares Dean Crumbine. 'In the end, they make the skin look worse than ever. A healthy skin has no more need of face powder than a healthy body has of doctor's powders. Bathing keeps the skin fair and smooth, provided the waste matters in the blood are given off in the proper manner.... The stomach must be kept in good order if one would have a fair skin. If the stomach is loaded down with improper food, irregularly eaten, and too heavy meals that are highly seasoned and spiced, the food will not be digested, and the skin will be of a 'muddy' appearance, instead of fair and beautiful.... Stopping up the pores of the skin with paint and powder is really dangerous. If the body were all covered with a paste or varnish so that all the pores or openings of the sweat ducts were closed death would surely result.... Bathing at least once or twice a week is necessary to keep the skin healthy and the pores open. that the poisonous waste may pass out instead of being kept in the blood.'"
  • "'Snow with cold wave tonight. Sunday fair and continued cold.' -- Official weather forecast for Kansas. Thus it would seem that winter is really on the way and that the spell which continued sunshine and warm breezes far into the months when winter usually prevails has been broken. That is if the weather man's dope is correct. And Lawrence was rather inclined to suspect as much themselves when they awoke this morning, heard the wind howling outside and felt a chill creep over them as they stepped out from beneath the blankets. Really it was winter this morning, and there was more of it in the air. It was believed that this part of the country was just getting the advance taste of a cold spell and when the weather man confirmed this suspicion earnest preparations for winter began."
  • "The Lawrence Water Company has fixed the price at which it will sell its plant and property in Lawrence to the city if the latter decides to purchase it. What this price is will not be known until the special council committee appointed to ascertain this price from the water company, makes its report to the council sitting in its regular session this evening."


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