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100 years ago: Lawrence jail narrowly escapes destruction

January 3, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 3, 1913:

  • "Lawrence came near having a new jail last night, that is it came near losing its old one which would have meant a new one would have to be provided for. A gas explosion in the stove in the corridor started a blaze that might have burned the old building down had it not been extinguished by the officers. The explosions, there were two of them, were occasioned by the stoves becoming choked with old papers. The officers heard the explosions and extinguished the fire after very little damage had been done."
  • "Walter Springer, living at 142 Locust street, took a shot at Jack the Peeper this morning but his aim was poor and Jack got away with nothing more serious the matter with him than a bad scare. The man was seen looking in a window about 6 o'clock this morning and Mr. Springer surprised him with a load of bird shot. The police were called but were unable to locate anyone who bore signs of having come in contact with the discharge of a shot gun."
  • "Nearly everyone in Douglas and Johnson counties knew D. N. Batterson, the lively little old blacksmith, who took as much pride in his ability to shoe a horse as some men do in their millions. For many years Mr. Betterson was a resident of De Soto and afterwards lived for a long time in Lawrence. A few years ago he went to Santa Monica, Calif., and six months ago his health began to fail, the doctors telling him he had cancer of the liver. New Year's morning at four o'clock the old gentleman's soul passed away and the life of a kindly old man was ended. He was 77 years, 5 months and five days old."
  • "Two young mules belonging to Jack Kelsey were killed by a train on the Union Pacific tracks Wednesday morning. The mules got out during the night and wandered onto the right of way through a gate which had been left open. When tracked Wednesday morning one was found dead and the other with a leg cut off so it had to be killed."
  • "Many farmers living near Lawrence spent yesterday in their fields with their plows. The good weather that prevails is being taken advantage of by the farmers."
  • "Police Officers Smith and Vaughn are the recipients of new pairs of shoes from the Starkweather Shoe Company. The shoes were given the men for good work done in catching the boy who attempted to burglarize the store last Monday night."


FlintlockRifle 5 years, 4 months ago

Miss Sarah, this is the best stories you have found in a long time, so funny in the wording them used just a short time back. Loved the stoty about Jack the Pepper, don't think this could happen in this day of age, bird shot shooting I mean.

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