Editorial: New year hopes

Last year didn’t end on a high note, but we hope 2013 will be a peaceful and productive year for the world, the nation, Kansas — and you.

January 1, 2013


Holiday celebrations across our land may have been a bit subdued this year, as families joyfully recognized their own good fortune while acknowledging that a vicious murder of 20 young children has settled disturbingly in our collective consciousness. That horrible crime puts a patina of guilt on our own good fortune to be able to share an unscathed holiday with family and friends.

Here’s hoping Santa and his helpers, who include us all, brought these gifts:

  • No mass murders in the year to come. A boring year for first-responders throughout the nation.
  • Leadership in the nation’s capital, with the president and Congress actually thinking in terms of what’s best for the United States of America. Enough of the partisanship! Enough of thinking only of the next election, the big donor.
  • A state government that’s similarly focused on taking care of its citizens, even if that includes working with Washington. Enough of my-way-or-the-highway.
  • Swift and successful completion of the next round of ambitious street improvement projects in Lawrence. We need them!
  • An NCAA championship basketball team for the Kansas University Jayhawks. Nothing lifts spirits in Lawrence quite like that!
  • And a winning season for the Jayhawk football team. Can’t have too many of those!
  • Good friends. Can’t have too many of those, either!
  • Happy graduations and commencements for our students in the educational institutions throughout our county. And successful and happy lives for all those graduates.
  • An end to the conflicts around the globe. Safe return of our troops.
  • For us at the J-W, and for media companies everywhere, a solution to the economic tide that, with changes in technology, threatens to wash away the Fourth Estate and the important role it can play as a source of community information, and as the community watchdog.
  • For you and yours, what’s in your hearts. (Batteries included, if necessary!)
  • Happy New Year!


Richard Heckler 5 years, 5 months ago

When I think of the players that have been posing as fiscal conservative republicans over the past 33 years these thoughts come to mind which are representatives of reckless spending and tax cuts that have destroyed the USA economy and wrecked the lives of millions upon millions of households.

How did blue and white collar workers lose millions upon millions of jobs?

It’s not the Unions!

It’s corrupt Wall Street activity and monster GOP fraud that has killed jobs for millions of Americans. These are the dangerous GOP ENTITLEMENTS and terrible business decisions.

--- 1. Mergers = industry and jobs lost to other countries

--- 2. Hostile Takeovers = industry and jobs lost to other countries

--- 3. Leveraged Buyouts = industry and jobs lost to other countries

--- 4. Free Trade Agreements = industry and jobs lost to other countries

--- 5. Reagan/Bush Savings and Loan home loan scandal which killed the economy and cost the USA millions of jobs. = industry and jobs lost to other countries

--- 6. Bush/Cheney Home Loan scandal killed the economy and cost the USA millions of jobs = industry and jobs lost to other countries

--- 7. Bush tax cuts

All of above ultimately translate into millions upon millions upon millions of blue and white collar USA job losses in some cases to dictatorships. Big time layoffs are the end result. These jobs go abroad with tax codes that prevent taxation on profits made abroad from USA big name corporations.

Kendall Simmons 5 years, 5 months ago

The deaths of those 20 young children (and let's not forget the adults...although the editorial writer seems to have forgotten them already) was tragic.

But did it affect our holiday celebrations? Subdue them across the nation? {Put a patina of guilt on our own celebrations? Give us a frickin' break!!!

The list of hopes for the new year were actually quite reasonable...until the last one. Like it or not, a rejection of someone else's melodramatic pronouncements doesn't mean we don't have a heart...just that someone else might need a brain (or at least a diploma bestowed on them by the Universita Committeeatum E Pluribus Unum :-)

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