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100 years ago: 1912 was ‘Year of Progress’ for Lawrence

January 1, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 1, 1913:

  • "1912, YEAR OF PROGRESS -- Another year has gone and Lawrence today looks back over the past twelve months and sees much of which to be proud. There has been a constant growing and progressing of the city in almost every way and today it is a better town than it was last year.... The material growth to the town is noticeable in the new buildings that have gone up the past year. It is true that the carpenter has been somewhat less active the past year than he was the one before but nevertheless there have been some valuable additions made to both the residence and business sections in the way of new buildings. Several miles of new pavement have gone in and the best storm water sewer system in the state has just been completed."
  • "For the business men of Lawrence the year 1912 was a very good one, according to statements made by a number of the local merchants to a Journal-World reporter recently. The merchants were all pleased with the results of the year's business and look back over the year and see much to be thankful for. The Christmas business was unusually heavy for a number of business houses and boosted the year's profits considerably."
  • "KANSAS WEATHER REPORT -- The government's weather man is observing New Year's today and no official forecast was sent out from Washington, but it was a nice day today and with prospects of another tomorrow."
  • "Because happiness lies in work well done, the Journal-World's wish for the New Year is this: That our work in Volume 57 as represented in the paper we produce may prove a constant gratification to our patrons and that the paper will help them in turn to do the work of which they may justly be proud."
  • "Washington -- Major General Leonard Wood, chief of staff, who has just been named as chief marshal of the approaching inaugural parade, has begun to outline his plans for a military, naval and civic demonstration.... General Wood's purpose is to make the Wilson inaugural parade as well balanced as possible in the matter of the representation of the cavalry, infantry and artillery of the army, the bluejackets and marines of the navy and adequate and liberal representation of the National Guard and a well proportioned civic display."


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