City Commission primary results live blog: Amyx, Farmer, Riordan, Chestnut, Criqui, Soden unofficial winners

9:41: Here we go, the unofficial final results. The order has not changed. Leslie Soden has held onto the sixth spot with a little more than a 200-vote cushion. Mike Amyx leads wire to wire in the primary election. Jeremy Farmer and Terry Riordan remain in the top three for the entire night. Rob Chestnut and Scott Criqui round out the six who will go on to the April election, pending the vote being made official Monday.

• Amyx: 2,989

• Farmer: 2,464

• Riordan: 2,067

• Chestnut: 1,769

• Criqui: 1,677

• Soden: 1,532

• Bellome: 1,296

• Rost: 251

• Hays: 308

• Olson: 100

• Marlo: 39

Voter turnout checked in at 8.6 percent. It will be much higher in the April General Election when a school bond issue will also be on the ballot. That’s probably the most important fact to remember from tonight.

9:35: And down the stretch they come . . . The race looks like it may be taking shape here. The order has not changed from the last update. But there now have been 58 of 64 precincts counted. Probably just one more set of results to be released. Soden continues to hold about a 200-vote lead for the sixth and final spot to move on in the general election. But we have a clear top three at the moment.

• Amyx: 2,784

• Farmer: 2,276

• Riordan: 1,906

• Chestnut: 1,639

• Criqui: 1,566

• Soden: 1,426

• Bellome: 1,210

• Rost: 327

• Hays: 287

• Olson: 92

• Marlo: 36

Based on ballots counted, voter turnout is now at 8 percent.

9:25: Sprinting towards the finish here, and former City Commissioner Rob Chestnut has finally gotten his second wind. He has jumped up to fourth in the race and is within striking distance of third. Leslie Soden, the former East Lawrence Neighborhood Association president, is now in the hot seat in sixth, but still has about a 200-vote cushion over seventh-place Judy Bellome. There are 42 of 64 precincts counted. The top six finishers among the 11 candidates will go on to April’s general election.

• Amyx: 2,471

• Farmer: 2,055

• Riordan: 1,652

• Chestnut: 1,427

• Criqui: 1,403

• Soden: 1,271

• Bellome: 1,077

• Rost: 301

• Hays: 257

• Olson: 82

• Marlo: 34.

Based on the ballots counted thus far, voter turnout is now at 7 percent.

9:00 p.m. New results with 26 of the 42 polling places counted. The order hasn’t changed, but we are closer to a final outcome.

• Amyx: 2,011

• Farmer: 1,705

• Riordan: 1,284

• Criqui: 1,198

• Soden: 1,102

• Chestnut: 1,080

• Bellome: 879

• Rost: 250

• Hays: 205

• Olson: 73

• Marlo: 27

8:32 p.m.: New results. With about 20 percent of the vote in (9 of 42 polling sites) the top four are unchanged:

• Mike Amyx: 1,671

• Jeremy Farmer: 1,476

• Terry Riordan: 1,092

• Scott Criqui: 1,047

• Leslie Soden: 960

• Rob Chestnut: 910

• Judy Bellome: 769

• Michael Rost: 216

• Reese Hays: 178

• Will Olson: 54

• Nicholas Marlo: 23

8:15 p.m.: As far as our progress in getting the vote counted, so far, so good. County Clerk Jamie Shew said all but about five of the precincts have returned their ballots to the courthouse. Thus far, road conditions don’t seem to be a problem in getting the ballots back to be counted. The counting will go slower than normal, though. Election workers must insert each ballot into a counting machine. Typically that is done by the voter at the polling place, but due to the winter weather, those machines weren’t delivered to the polling places. But this could be going a lot worse. Knock on wood, I don’t think we will have an overly late night at the courthouse.

8:10 p.m. : The big news from the first round of results is Jeremy Farmer. Most political watchers I know were pretty interested in seeing how Farmer — the CEO of Lawrence food bank Just Food — would fare in his first race. Farmer was a founding member of the relatively new pro-growth organization Cadre Lawrence, and this is the first time someone from that organization has run for office. It looks like he has some real momentum.

As for Amyx and Riordan, I had heard several people who had thought they would be in the top three, and that is holding true early. Amyx is the lone incumbent in the race, and has won four other terms on the commission. Riordan, a Lawrence physician, was the top money raiser in the primary, which normally is a good indication of positive momentum on the campaign trail.

8:01 p.m. First set of results in and Mike Amyx, Jeremy Farmer and Terry Riordan took the top three spots from advanced voting. But there is a tight race all the way down to the 7th postion. Here’s a look:

• Mike Amyx: 1,553

• Jeremy Farmer: 1,375

• Terry Riordan: 1,030

• Scott Criqui: 943

• Rob Chestnut: 869

• Leslie Soden: 856

• Judy Bellome: 741

• Michael Rost: 197

• Reese Hays: 167

• Will Olson: 52

• Nicholas Marlo: 23

7:50 p.m. Welcome to our live blog of election results for the Lawrence City Commission primary. I’m down here at the Douglas County Courthouse awaiting the first set of returns.

As a reminder, there are 11 candidates in the field and tonight’s election will narrow it down to six. I expect the county clerk’s office to soon release the totals for the advance votes that were cast leading up to today. Those vote totals will be significant. About 3,000 advance ballots were cast. That’s a large sample size, so those ballots may well tell us how tonight’s returns are going to play out. I’ll post them as soon as I get my hands on them.