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25 years ago: Over a million Girl Scout cookies arrive in Lawrence

February 25, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 25, 1988:

  • Two semi-tractor trailers arrived in Lawrence today to deliver the city's supply of Girl Scout cookies from the Little Brownie Bakery in Louisville, Kentucky. Girl Scouts all over town were soon to be delivering boxes of cookies to their customers, who had placed their orders more than a month ago. Lawrence residents this year had ordered about 58,800 boxes of cookies -- an increase in sales of 5 percent over the previous year. With each box containing an average of 20 cookies, that meant a total of about 1,176,000 cookies for Lawrence residents to enjoy this year.
  • Oread neighborhood residents this week rallied behind a downzoning request that would affect an eight-block area north of Kansas University. Supporters of the rezoning said that it could save the character of their neighborhood. However, opponents said that the rezoning would cause a drop in property values, making it more difficult to secure financing for improvements and limiting a housing market that was most convenient for serving KU students.


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