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100 years ago: Famous rooster arrives in Lawrence

February 24, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 24, 1913:

  • "A famous rooster is in Lawrence. It was received by express this morning by Prof. L. V. Redman from the Beebe pens at Waterford, Conn. This rooster last year won the first prize as a cockerel at the Madison Square Gardens and later won the international prize against all comers at Cleveland. This rooster is a famous Ancona and it shows the marking of the bird as none of the birds owned round here do. It is well made, shows its strong points and will at once become one of the show birds of Lawrence."
  • "Topeka. -- The Kansas legislature passed the bill providing for publication of the text books for the schools of the state. A state school book commission with power to acquire the necessary copyrights and plates for publication of texts will be appointed at once. It is anticipated that several publishing houses will be thrown out of business by this bill."
  • "For three hours last night the senate committee on labor in Topeka heard friends and opponents of the minimum wage bill present their arguments. Only the fact that the street cars were about due to stop running brought the hearing to an end.... Cliff Matson, of Wichita, opened the argument against the minimum wage bill on behalf of the employers of Wichita. In closing, he declared that there are no sweatshops in Kansas and that there is no need of such a bill. This was attacked by Mrs. Munson, of Pittsburg, Kansas, who declared that a minimum wage bill for women is needed. She declared that the cost of living in Kansas is right around six dollars a week and that the friends of the measure were not asking too much in fighting for a bill to prevent employers from paying women and girls less than that sum."


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