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100 years ago: Hopes of early spring dashed by February snowstorm

February 21, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 21, 1913:

  • "'Snow flurries tonight or Thursday. Thursday colder.' Thus spake the weather man yesterday. Today was such and the weather man has made good once more. And thus was Lawrence precipitated from the pleasures of spring into the midst of a blowing, snowing winter. The snow began to fall this afternoon shortly after noon. It began more as a mist than anything but grew steadily heavier until it was a real snow storm by 4 o'clock, big white flakes that settled gently on the ground and trees and gave everything a mantle of whiteness. At first the snow was soft and melted as it fell, but with the thermometer on the toboggan there was every indication that the storm would be genuine. And the weather man can promise nothing better for tonight or tomorrow.... The change came very sudden. Spring weather had prevailed for so long that overcoats had been discarded and spring suits were being talked of."
  • "When the students at the Kansas Agricultural College wished to hold a meeting one night last week, they had to buy five tons of coal with their own money to heat one of the buildings. Fuel is that scarce at the agricultural college. Night meetings of various sorts usually held at the college at regular times every week for fifty years have been transferred, in many instances, this winter, to downtown meeting places because the college could not afford to buy coal.... Rather than disappoint the students, Wednesday night of last week, Coach Lowman bought two tons of coal down-town so that Nichols Gymnasium could be heated and lighted for the basketball game with Washburn. The order had gone out from the heat and power department that there would be no heat or light that night."


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