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100 years ago: Pressure test breaks Mass Street water main

February 19, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 19, 1913:

  • "There will be no more testing of the city fire hydrants and the water pressure in Lawrence for a few days. This morning all arrangements had been made for a test on the big main on Massachusetts street. Six lines of hose had been put in place and an effort was to be made to determine whether or not six streams could be thrown 100 feet in the air. Then the pump house was notified. The engineer started the big pump to working and soon had the pressure gauge past its usual mark. But the engineer and the Water Company reckoned not that they might get up too much pressure, but they did. With the gauge at 145 pounds, something broke in the main in the 800 block of Massachusetts street and the test was called off. Water soon appeared through cracks in the pavement and the south end of the block was flooded for a short time, until the valves in the mains were closed. Manager Frank Sauer of the Water Company stated that he believed the break was caused by the blowing out of a lead closed joint. Some time ago a break occurred in the main at this place and it was necessary to take out an entire length of pipe and put in a new one. The connections in the mains are made with lead and Mr. Sauer stated that he believed that the heavy pressure was too much for this connection. The extent of the damage done at this place this morning is not definitely known as yet, but the implications are that the pavement has been more or less damaged and a long stretch of the brick may have to be removed and relaid. The break and the water gushing upward caused quite a bulge in the pavement and may have carried away considerable of the earth under the pavement."
  • "Topeka. -- A tax on motion picture reels is provided for in a bill produced in the senate today by Stavely of Osage County. This bill if enacted into a law, it is estimated, will bring into the state treasury an annual revenue of close to $100,000. The bill calls for a tax, either $1 or $2 on each motion picture reel brought into the State of Kansas.... It is understood that the measure is to be given the active support of practically every member of the Senate and the indications are that the bill will become a law."


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