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25 years ago: Governor praises Cottonwood work program

February 18, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 18, 1988:

  • Gov. Mike Hayden was the featured speaker at a breakfast this morning sponsored by the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce, Cottonwood Inc., and Quaker Oats. The event was to recognize 56 local employers who had hired people served by Cottonwood, a training facility for people with developmental disabilities. "A good workforce can, in fact, and often does involve the developmentally disabled," said Hayden, adding that not only were the workers "diligent, very, very enthusiastic, [and] highly motivated" but that for many of them, "being part of the workforce is the single most important achievement in their lives." The governor went on to praise Cottonwood's training program, saying, "When this model is duplicated across Kansas, our state in fact will be a better place." In his speech, Hayden also called for support for a $5 million appropriation in his annual budget to move people out of state mental hospitals and into community-based programs. He also spoke of his support for a House bill, now stalled in the Senate, that would ease zoning restrictions for the establishment of group homes in residential neighborhoods.
  • Douglas County Undersheriff Loren Anderson today said that he would discuss with Douglas County District Attorney Jim Flory about possible charges resulting from an accident the previous day in which a young driver's car had struck a stopped school bus in rural Baldwin. Officers had found a half-empty beer can lying in a ditch near the scene and two unopened cans in the 19-year-old woman's car, according to a sheriff's report. Possible charges now included driving with an open container of alcohol and consuming alcohol as a minor.


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