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100 years ago: Surveyors laying plans for interurban line

February 18, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 18, 1913:

  • "For almost a week a party of surveyors has been camped in Lawrence. Each morning they have been riding out of the city and each evening they have been returning. During the day they have been hard at work in the vicinity of the city and yet very few people knew that they were here, knew what they were doing or what their plans were. Today it all leaked out. They are surveyors, railroad surveyors, yes, and interurban railroads at that. These eight men who have been so secretive in their operations have great plans -- they are planning to build a railroad from Kansas City to Topeka via Lawrence.... They did not want their operations and plans known until they were ready to begin the laying of ties, until the sounds of clanging steel awakened the populace to the realization of the fact that at last one more dream had come true. And even at that it may be that a dream is all that it is. However, Lawrence likes to enjoy the hope of an interurban and interurban talk is always more or less welcome. It is realized that sometime or other there must come the long distance trolley ride and each new proposition is welcomed as the one that is to make good."
  • "As J. Gordon Gibb was driving his automobile east on Warren [Ninth] street this morning, he turned around for a moment to pick something up on the back seat and the next instant the car jumped the curbing and broke off a stone hitching post and a telephone pole. Mr. Gibb was not going rapidly at the time and therefore his car, while considerably damaged, was not destroyed. Fortunately Mr. Gibb escaped without injury. It is probable that in looking backward Mr. Gibb unconsciously turned the steering wheel with disastrous results."
  • "If you vote at the March primaries and vote in either the first, second or fifth ward you may receive your ballot from the hands of one of the recently enfranchised citizens of the State of Kansas. Last night President Howard, upon the recommendation of the Committee Chairman, named women to officiate at the polls at the coming primary."


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