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100 years ago: Man sues water company for impure product

February 15, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 15, 1913:

  • "The case of George White versus the Lawrence Water Company, a case involving some of the finer points of law, was on trial in the District Court here today. The case is considered as one of the most important to come before the court at its present session. The plaintiff, George White, is asking for the sum of $1,500 from the Lawrence Water Company for the expenses incurred and the loss of services of his wife during the latter's sickness and also the illness of a son, said sickness, it is alleged, was caused by the use of water said to have been taken from the pipes of the Lawrence Water Company, and which, it is further alleged, was impure."
  • "The Lawrence police today are looking for a man with an oversupply of pennies and nickels and dimes. They want to prefer a charge of burglary against him, that is if he answers certain other qualifications for this particular burglary. Five different places of business called upon the police department this morning asking that a certain burglar be arrested. These five places were burglarized last night, sometime between midnight and morning, but the thief left very little behind him to aid the officers in his apprehension.... The exact amount of money secured was very small. At the Wald Grocery Store the burglar pried open the register and secured $9. At the Santa Fe restaurant he found about 100 pennies and appropriated them. At the other places he found only a little change. The only clue to the burglaries is that a suspicious acting man bought a ticket at the Santa Fe depot early this morning and paid for it with 80 cents in nickels and dimes. He had so much of this small money that he tipped the ticket seller a ten cent piece with which to 'buy a cigar.'"
  • [Advertisement] "TROUSER TIME. Now is the time when the lower half of every man's winter suit begins to look resigned, sorrowful and desperately tired. The coat, perhaps, still owns some of its jaunty freshness of by-gone-days, but the trousers need replacing, sadly, badly and at once. -- And for this crisis in the life of the suit of a man, this store has provided. Not only is a pretty bunch of odd trousers here afforded you, built by the nation's best makers in the clothes of the day, but the prices, don't forget, are temporarily reduced. Reason? -- Why, we're having a sale, wherein twenty cents of every dollar spent is returned to the customer. -- Ask the man. WINEY AND ARNOLD, 815 MASS ST."


FlintlockRifle 5 years, 2 months ago

Wow, a .80 cent ticket, where was he headed??? Not to far from Lawrence, I would guess.

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