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25 years ago: LHS teacher headed for ‘Jeopardy’ challenge

February 13, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 13, 1988:

Lawrence High School English teacher Art Sloan, a self-proclaimed "Jeopardy junkie," was to appear soon as a contestant on the popular game show. Sloan was to arrive at the Jeopardy studio in Los Angeles on Feb. 25 to begin taping the show, which would be televised later. Sloan said that Jeopardy was the first game show he could ever remember watching, adding that he still watched the program at 4:30 every day. For the past three years, Sloan had also been coaching the LHS College Bowl teams, which he said definitely helped him broaden his knowledge and might help him win the Jeopardy competition. "Working with them, asking them questions, finding material for them to study, which I also study, and just talking to them" had helped increase his fund of knowledge, as had his early start as an avid reader, said Sloan.


auntmimi210 5 years, 4 months ago

Good memories! Anyone remember how he did on Jeopardy? .... RIP Mr. Sloan.

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