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40 years ago: Division II courtroom sets up shop in Watkins building

February 10, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 10, 1973:

  • The courtroom for Division II, Douglas County District Court, had been equipped with part of its new furniture and was now being used by Judge James Paddock. Chairs for the jury box had not yet arrived, but other chairs were being used temporarily for the purpose. The Division II facilities were on the second floor of the Watkins Community Museum building. Division I, presided over by Judge Frank Gray, had remained in the courtroom on the second floor of the county courthouse.
  • Gov. Robert Docking this week signed four bills into law, bringing the total to five new laws since the opening of the 1973 session of the Kansas Legislature. The four laws were described as "minor" and dealt with the printing of legislative documents, state revolving funds, duties of judicial administrators, and the magistrate courts in the larger counties. An additional bill sent to the governor involved the creation of agriculture experiment stations at Colby, Fort Hays, Garden City, and Tribune under the management of Kansas State University.


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