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25 years ago: School board approves new buses

February 9, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 9, 1988:

  • Students at Wakarusa Valley, India-Kaw Valley, and Grant schools had been having extra-long school days due to bus schedules, but their sufferings were soon to be at an end. The available buses had been picking up secondary students in town before heading out to the other schools, which had caused the students a longer after-school wait. Similarly, the students had started school earlier in the morning, when the buses would drop them off so that the secondary students would arrive at their schools on time. After some parents had brought the problem to the attention of administrators and board members, the decision had been made to add four more buses and double the existing routes of two existing buses, at a cost of about $20,568.
  • Today's Iowa caucuses gave the lead to Republican Sen. Bob Dole and Democratic Rep. Richard Gephardt. GOP contender Pat Robertson said he didn't expect third-place finisher Vice President George Bush to remain "a major contender," adding, "I don't think he's very popular."


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