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100 years ago: Early-morning blaze destroys grain and produce company

February 5, 2013


From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 5, 1913:

  • "Fire early this morning practically destroyed the building and stock of the Lawrence Grain and Produce Co. located at 820 Pennsylvania street. The business and property lost was owned and operated by Park Hetzel and Chas. Elwell who estimated today that the loss would be close to $10,000 which is only partially covered by insurance. The fire was discovered shortly before 4 o'clock this morning but by that time the flames had made great headway and it was impossible for the firemen to save any of the contents. By hard fighting they were able to keep the flames from the office which is located in the northwest corner of the building and the books and records were saved. The remainder of the building, however, is totally destroyed including several tons of hay and several hundred bushels of potatoes that were stored in the cellar.... The fire was one of the hottest that has broken out in Lawrence for some time. The flames lighted up the eastern sky for many hours this morning and the firemen were kept on duty all morning. The building that was destroyed was formerly owned by W. H. Pendleton of this city and was operated by him for a number of years. This is the second structure that was formerly owned by Mr. Pendleton to be destroyed by fire within a week. The Lawrence Creamery plant which burned last Thursday night was owned by Mr. Pendleton at one time."
  • "Prof. W. A. Griffith will go to Kansas City, Kansas, this evening to complete the arrangements for a traveling exhibit of pictures. The plan is to have the art department of the university visit a number of towns in order to familiarize the public with art and to give the people in the interior towns an opportunity to see higher class pictures than can be owned at present in any one town in Kansas."


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